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When it comes to house speaker systems, Gemini Sound has you covered. Whether you're looking for a simple setup for casual listening or something more elaborate for parties and gatherings, we have several options available. Our selection of karaoke systems and party systems with LED lighting features are perfect for adding a little extra fun to any occasion. In addition, our lineup of portable and wireless speakers is available in different styles and colors to meet your needs.

House parties can’t be beat, but you need a speaker system with the right mix of volume, clarity, and bass to rock the party. Here at Gemini Sound, we have 2000-watt home speaker systems that provide the high-quality sound you need to pump up the crowd at your next gathering or event with ease. Shop our inventory of premium systems today to find the perfect sound and wattage without breaking the bank.

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Gemini Sound GRV-650L Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Gemini Sound GVR-2650L
Gemini Sound GGO-2650L
Gemini Sound GGO-650L Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Gemini Sound GGO-230L Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Gemini Sound GSM-100 Microphone
Gemini Sound GSYS-2400 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound GPLT-360 Modular Line Arrays
Gemini Sound GSYS-4800 Speakers
Gemini Sound GHK-2800 Speakers
Gemini Sound SOSP-8BLK Portable Speakers
Gemini Sound GLS-880 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GTR-300 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound MPA-K650 Karaoke Systems
Gemini Sound GPK-1200 Karaoke Systems
Gemini Sound GPK-800 Karaoke Systems
Gemini Sound AS-2115BT-PK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound AS-2115BT-LT-PK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound TT-900BB Record Players
Gemini Sound GTR-100 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound GLS-550 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GSYS-2000 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GSP-L2200PK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound Portable Speakers
Gemini Sound GTR-200 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound GTR-400 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound PA-15L PACK MKII Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound SOSP-8MOBC Portable Speakers
Gemini Sound BRS-330 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound GC-206BTB Portable Speakers
Gemini Sound GSYS-4000 Party Systems
Gemini Sound BRS-130 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound BRS-230 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound BRS-430 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound GMAX-6000 Party Systems

Pro-Grade House Speaker Systems for All

Our portable home speaker systems are great for parties of all kinds. Whether you're looking to pump things up at a family BBQ, weddings, reunions, graduations, or even tailgating at a football game, our pro-grade sound equipment will turn any event into the party of a lifetime. You can't go wrong with our easy-to-use products, and the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to set up quickly and have music pumping in no time.

At Gemini Sound, we pride ourselves on giving customers the best dollar-for-dollar value possible. As a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, we've focused on providing affordable, premium home speaker systems for over 40 years. We design our audio equipment in-house with the latest innovations, and our customer service agents are here to ensure you are more than satisfied when you purchase from us.

For your protection, all of our speaker systems come with our free 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty. We provide free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and extended warranties are available if needed. So shop now to get 10% off your first order and save big!