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Firmware Updater Software:

(Applicable for GMX Series and Slate Series. MDJ Series and SDJ-4000 are direct file downloads)

Gemini Updater Mac OSX:
Gemini Updater Windows OSX:
Gemini SDJ-4000 Firmware Update Download
Gemini MDJ Series 6.10 Update Download


Manually Update MDJ Series: 

  1. Put attached file with 6.10 update to root of USB stick
  2. Insert stick to the unit
  3. Press [SHIFT] & [USB]
  4. Select "Update"
  5. Press [ENTER]
  6. The update should start automatically

Manually Update SDJ-4000:

  1. Place SDJ 1.5 firmware file to root of USB stick
  2. Insert in USB1 port on the SDJ-4000. 
  3. Press [SETTINGS] to enter Settings menu. Scroll to bottom of list and confirm current version.
  4. Select "Update Device" from settings menu and turn encoder to select [Yes]
  5. Display will read "Updating Device Firmware. Do not turn off the power"
  6. SDJ-4000 will reboot
  7. Press [SETTINGS] to enter Settings menu. Scroll to bottom of list and confirm new version is installed.

(If you are receiving an error message when attempting to install Gemini Updater on Mac, move the Gemini Updater install package to your Applications folder then right-click on installer icon and select ‘Open’. A pop up will appear, click ‘Open’ again and follow installer instructions.)


Windows ASIO Drivers:

*Exclusively for Windows PC's*

Gemini ASIO Driver Download
Gemini SLATE Series ASIO Driver Download


Virtual DJ Setup Guides:

Gemini PMX-10 Virtual DJ Guide View
Gemini PMX-20 Virtual DJ Guide


Gemini DRP-1 Firmware Updates:

Gemini DRP-1 Firmware Update Download

Legacy Cortex Firmware Updates:

Cortex HDTT-5000 Download
Cortex DMIX-600 and DMIX-300
Cortex HDC-3000 Download
Cortex HDC-1000 Download


iKey Audio Firmware Updates:

iKey Audio RM3 Firmware Update Download

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