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TT-900: Unleash Musical Brilliance with Gemini’s Bluetooth Stereo Turntable System

Sale price$149.95
Gemini Sound TT-900BB Record Players
TT-900: Unleash Musical Brilliance with Gemini’s Bluetooth Stereo Turntable System Sale price$149.95


Introducing the TT-900, where enchantment meets engineering to deliver an extraordinary symphony of audio excellence! Designed to turn heads and tune hearts, this Stereo Turntable System is the gem that transforms your musical moments into mesmerizing memories. With its sleek design and technological prowess, the TT-900 is not just an instrument but an artistic companion that echoes the love you hold for music.

Our turntable Bluetooth mastery allows you to dive into a seamless harmony of vintage and modern soundscapes. The TT-900 curates a sublime auditory gallery, knitting the warm, nostalgic vibes of vinyl with the contemporary freedom of wireless connectivity. It sings the song of versatility, allowing you to connect effortlessly to a multitude of devices, making it a treasure in the realm of ‘turntable with speakers.’

We’ve crafted the TT-900 with love, ensuring each note played is a testament to the turntable’s brilliance. Its vibrant personality reverberates through its three-speed versatility, intuitive design, and pitch adjustment features, beckoning a sensual syncopation of functionality and fun. This marvel doesn’t just play music; it invites you into a realm where each melody is a precious gem, turning every moment into a luxurious musical soiree.

Unleash the maestro within with the TT-900 Stereo Turntable System. Allow its phenomenal features and exquisite design to conduct an orchestra of extraordinary sounds in your space. Breathe life into your records and allow the TT-900 to be the muse that amplifies your musical magic, creating a concerto of captivating tunes that dance through the room, embracing your spirit with every beat.


Integrated Stereo Speakers

The TT-900 boasts powerful, built-in 2 x 50W stereo speakers, eliminating the need for external speakers and ensuring a vibrant, encompassing sound.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Experience the convenience of wireless streaming with robust Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music from various devices seamlessly.

Versatile Speed Options

Adaptable to your diverse vinyl collection, the TT-900 offers selectable speeds of 33.3, 45, and 78 RPM, ensuring optimal playback for every record.

Elegant, Customizable Design

Exuding elegance, the TT-900’s design complements your space, available in three alluring, high-gloss colors: White, Red, and Black.

Easy Setup and Use

Designed with user convenience in mind, the TT-900 ensures a straightforward setup process, allowing for an effortless start to your musical journey.

Expandable Connectivity

The TT-900’s versatility shines with multiple connection options, including the ability to link to external audio systems via an RCA output jack.

Pitch Adjustment Control

The TT-900 provides creative freedom with pitch adjustment controls, allowing for precise customization of playback speed.

Comprehensive Accessory Inclusion

The TT-900 comes comprehensively equipped with essential accessories like a felt slip mat, AC adapter, and RCA cable, ensuring you're ready to roll.

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