UHF-6100M: Wireless Microphone System

All-Day Comfort and Freedom

Our UHF-6100M is the perfect solution for entertainers who need a wireless microphone and freedom to move on stage. The UHF-6100M offers high-quality voice reproduction with incredible clarity and reliability, at Gemini’s all-time low-price point that can’t be beat. We’ve added in multiple bandwidths offering you a wide range of frequencies to ensure you’ll always have excellent sound reproduction.

Reach Everyone

State-of-the-Art UHF receiver with Selectable Frequencies from 512.0 Mhz Up To 537.5 Mhz

Confident Control

Full Range Audio Volume Rotary Control and Advanced Compression Circuit to Avoid Unwanted Noise and Create Crystal Clear Audio No Matter the Venue

Clean Signal

Ultra-fast microcomputer controlled PLL oscillation circuit prevents signal interference

Clear Display

High-quality LCD display for flawless operation

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