UHF-04HL: Wireless Microphone System

For A Clean And Clear Audio 

Our UHF-04HL is the perfect solution for entertainers and bands who need a wireless microphone and freedom to move on stage. With 4 wireless microphone headsets and receiver, The UHF-04HL offers high-quality voice reproduction with incredible clarity and reliability, at Gemini’s all-time low-price point that can’t be beat. We’ve added in multiple bandwidths offering you a wide range of frequencies to ensure you’ll always have excellent sound reproduction.


Reach Everyone

The UHF-04HL Wireless System Features A State-Of-The-Art VHF Dual Channel Receiver with Selectable Frequency Stability From 500-950 MHz To Give You A Clear Voice That Will Carry Across Any Room


Keep Your Signal

The UHF-04HL Unit Houses Super Bright RF LED Indicators That Monitor Signal Strength So You Don't Have To, Keeping You At The Top Of Your Performance


Built for Comfort

The UHF-04HL Includes 2 Pairs of Headset Lavalier Microphones That Has A Dynamic Operating Range Of 100 Feet To Ensure Don't Lose Signal. The Rugged Yet Lightweight Design Of The Microphone Is Perfect For All Day Wear


Confident Control

The UHF-04HL System Features A Full Range Volume Rotary Control That Allows You To Perfectly Craft How Your Audio Is Received For The Ultimate Level Of Control


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