Gemini Sound

MM1 2-Channel Pocket-Sized DJ Mixer

The Portable DJ Mixer

Packing all the essentials needed to play, mix, and route audio, the MM1 is a 2-channel pocket-sized DJ mixer designed for DJs who need it all while maintaining a small footprint. Housed with a solid metal build, this portable DJ mixer has a complete range of performance essentials: 2-band EQ, multiple line-level sources, and dedicated cue function to preview your mixes - ensuring you sound perfect every time. Its smooth-glide crossfaders allow effortless transitions and mixing, and the channel EQ controls give you greater command when crafting your mix. With MM1, you get the power of a professional-grade mixer in a size which can fit in the palm of your hand. A truly mobile DJ mixer packing all the features you need.

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