ES-15TOGO: 15" Active Battery Powered Loudspeaker


ES-15TOGO: Powerful Sound On-The-Go

Get the Gemini’s best-in-class sound anytime, anywhere with the ES-15TOGO. Delivering stadium level power in a backpack-sized speaker, this system is perfect for all types of venues. With its 800 watts of peak power and premium 15” LF woofer, you get the far-reaching sound that’s crystal clear even when you’re streaming music wirelessly. Playback via Bluetooth, USB, or SD card puts you in complete control as you craft your sound while its built-in wheels and an extendable handle make it perfectly portable. A true all-in-one system that is powerful, and rugged enough to be used for the most demanding performances. 

Big Sound, Small Package.

When you really want a party kicking, the ES-15TOGO is your best bet. The speaker nails everything a portable speaker should be – USB port, Bluetooth, SD slot, long battery, FM radio, etc., and punches deep bass, sparkling highs, and a lush midrange.

Take It Wherever You Go

The great-sounding ES-15TOGO is truly portable and can keep the party going for hours without a power outlet in sight. A perfect gig for on-the-move performers or presenters.

Multiple Connectivity Interfaces

Along with its booming sound quality and everlasting battery life, it has multiple connectivity options. XLR, ¼” guitar input with VCV power and RCA inputs with EQ controls and separate gains as well as mix output.

Wireless Play

Get ready to go wireless right out of the box with the ES-15TOGO. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can take full control of the playback session using your Bluetooth compatible smartphone, tablet, or media player.


●  2 VHF wireless microphones with Bass, Treble, and Echo controls

  Rechargeable battery provides hours of portable power

●  Integrated media player with connections for USB, SD, and Bluetooth

  800W peak, 200W RMS Class AB built-in amplifier

  15” LF woofer with 2” voice coil

●  Pure titanium 1” HF compression driver

●  Master volume, bass, treble, echo, and mic volume controls

●  RCA, mic, guitar with VCV power, and aux input and RCA mix output

●  Linear frequency response between 50 Hz – 20KHz

  Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports

●  ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet

  Top and side handles for easy carrying

  Clip LED alert

●  Flyable and stand mountable


Make sure that your SD card or USB are formatted as FAT32. Other format types (like HFS or exFAT) will not work with the ES series of speakers. 

The radio automatically searches for and stores stations with strong signal in your area. Signal strength can vary wildly depending on number of factors including construction materials, local geography, or interference from other devices. If you do not get good reception in one area, try moving to another (by a window, outside, etc.).

Press the Mode button until you see the letter ‘BT’ shown up on the display. Open Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and look for the Gemini ES-15TOGO speaker and connect to it. You will hear a confirmation tone and the speaker will show as connected on your mobile device. You can now stream music to the ES-15TOGO speaker.

Make sure that the battery in your transmitters are strong. If possible, provide a clear line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver. It may help to raise the receiver off the ground. (For instance, with the speaker stand). You may also want to experiment with antenna of positioning.