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BRS-330: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Naturally, you love music, so bring it to life. Introducing our new BRS-330 Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker. Each speaker is handmade from a single craftsman. We’ve designed a Bluetooth 5.0 speaker that packs stylish looks and the perfect design to match even the most sophisticated lifestyle. The BRS- 330 is equipped with our innovative sound reproduction technology that fills every room. Function meets design. Each speaker contains a USB and SD card playback, FM Radio, Aux input and built-in microphone to capture the sounds of your life. The speaker is made from high-class natural bamboo, while the top and side are covered in luxurious suede. The BRS-330 is a treat for all of your senses. Engineers, designers, and craftsmen all working together allows us to bring you a product we are extremely proud of.