ST-PACK: 2 Tripod Speaker Stands With Carry Bag

Strong And Reliable Speaker Stand Pack

Out ST-04 speaker stands are designed to optimize speaker position that will deliver the best audio quality possible.  Each stand has a max capacity of 200 lbs. and a stainless-steel tripod design making it exceptionally portable and easy to set up.  We’ve engineered the base of these stands to achieve a perfectly weighted balance to ensure each speaker is stable in all conditions.  Look no further, you’ve found the best bang for your buck with our ST-04 large speaker stands.

Rugged Steel Construction

In terms of durability, the Gemini ST-04 is hard to beat. Fully adjustable height, durable rubber feet, and 38 mm tubing to hold speakers up to 200 lbs.


Robust Tripod Design

The ST-04 has sturdy 120-degree tripod design with 32”-48” base spread - making it capable of holding a heavy speaker.


Effortless Adjustments

This speaker stand has an adjustable height from 43”-74”, so you can position the speakers to transmit the sound at the right length and direction.


Easy To Pack, Easy To Carry

Simplify your set up with this hassle-free installation. Featuring collapsible legs, the stand is easy to assemble and use and is a best bet for live performances, meetings, conferences, etc.


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