MDJ-500 Performance Pack

The Perfect DJ Starter Pack

This performance kit gets you into the DJ game instantly providing a pair of MDJ-500 professional compact USB media Players, a 2-channel mixer, and a set of DJ headphones with a wired microphone.  The MDJ-500’s 4.3” color display screen gives waveform display and shows track information providing vital visual feedback. Its range of performance essentials make it a great fit for both beginners and professionals. This is everything a DJ needs to perform without being tethered to a laptop!

Modern DJ with Creative Options

Each MDJ-500 comes with 4 programmable hot cues, 8 auto loops, filter effect, and slip and scratch functions.

Control your favorite DJ software

Control directly from the unit with the MIDI connection, and route your audio through its 24-bit/192kHz soundcard.

Vivid Full-Color Visual Feedback

The 4.3-inch full color display screen providing full track information like title, time, bpm and pitch alongside the precise full-size waveform window. Additionally, the screen offers visual feedback for slip mode, hot cues and active loops.

Professional Mixer

The MXR-01 allows for creating and blending custom sounds easily, with 3-band rotary EQ on each channel and individual gain control. Versatile connectivity options include phono and line stereo channels, which provide up to 5 audio source connections, as well as a 1/4” microphone input with dedicated volume control, and balanced and unbalanced master outputs. Additionally, there is an independently controlled booth output and a VCA curve control and reverse switch on the crossfader. The mixer features a removable faceplate for replaceable crossfader, and for effortless cue switching, it boasts a cue toggle, rotary cue volume, and cue mix.

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