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Sale price$299.95
  • PREMIUM SOUND AND LED SHOW: Immerse yourself in the rich, high-fidelity sound of our powerful speaker, equipped with a 15-inch woofer and a 1.35-inch titanium tweeter. The built-in LED party lighting, with adjustable effects, transforms any space into a vibrant dance floor, making it the ultimate party speaker. 
  • DYNAMIC AUDIO POWER: Experience the clarity and depth of your music like never before with 1300 watts of peak power. This speaker is perfect for energizing any crowd, from intimate gatherings to large outdoor events, providing clear, powerful sound across all frequencies. 
  • STREAMING MADE SIMPLE: Effortlessly connect and stream your favorite tracks with Bluetooth technology. This feature, along with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) linking, makes it easy to pair with another compatible speaker for a comprehensive sound experience, ideal for any DJ equipment setup or wireless speaker system. 
  • ENGINEERED FOR VERSATILITY: With its durable, lightweight design and multiple handles, this speaker is ready for any event. Whether you're a DJ needing reliable bluetooth DJ speakers so you can leave the booth a bit or a band looking for a robust PA speaker, it's designed to meet the demands of any performance. 
  • ENHANCED SOUND CONTROL: Fine-tune your audio with an onboard three-channel mixer, complete with individual gains and a variety of inputs. This speaker is not just a loudspeaker but a versatile tool for any sound engineer or musician, making it ideal for studios music production or a live PA speaker system.