AS-10TOGO: Portable Powered Bluetooth Speaker


Less Gear, More Portable Power.

The Gemini AS-10TOGO is designed for powerful stereo sound with a rechargeable battery in a convenient portable package. Thanks to its backpack size, integrated retractable handle, and smooth rolling wheels, this feature-packed speaker has you covered whilst on the go. It combines the deep punch of 10” woofer with 1.2” high-frequency compression driver to create big, bold sound, regardless of its application. You would be hard pressed to find all these features in one pack - Bluetooth, FM radio, USB and SD playback. Best of all, you can customize sound with the professional audio mixer integrated right on the back panel.

Impeccable Sound Anytime, Anywhere

Driven by 1,000 watts of pure Class AB power amplifier, the AS-10TOGO speaker is meant to deliver pristine bass with full-spectrum sound. An all-in-one versatile solution for conferences, houses of worship, street performers, touring musicians, etc.

Designed For The Road

Nothing matches the fun and convenience of a portable speaker. The AS-08TOGO is great for taking on the road as its long battery life makes it through any party.

Wireless Play Was Never This Easy

Stream music without being glued to your speaker system. It can connect via Bluetooth or you can play either from USB stick or SD card.

Non-Stop Creative Flow

Master volume control, bass, treble, echo and many more. A whole set of controls to give you the much-needed flexibility while performing.


●  Advanced, multi-format media player which can read your music files on USB drives, SD cards, or Bluetooth

●  Built-in 1,000 W peak amplifier for pristine audio quality

●  Long-lasting battery powered loudspeaker with easy access battery meter and charging ports

●  Linear frequency response between 50 Hz – 20 Hz for the most accurate listening experience

●  Inputs and volume controls for a wired microphone and a line level source

●  Lightweight form-factor makes the speaker easy to take anywhere

●  10” high-excursion driver with 1” high-temperature voice coil

●  Piezo high-frequency compression driver for clear, sparkling highs


Verify that the power button is turned on and all the connections to the inputs are connected securely.

Try plugging in something else into the main outlet to verify that the speaker is receiving the power. If the outlet is receiving power, check to see if the fuse on the AS-10TOGO speaker is blows and should be replaced if necessary.

The AS-10TOGO speaker comes with a 2-band EQ that allows you to tailor your sound as per your preference.

The AS-10TOGO speaker has an input jack (Labeled AUX) on the back of the I/O panel to allow you to connect your phone or tablet using the cable.

Yes. Connect an RCA cable to the RCA AUX out jack of the AS-10TOGO speaker to the RCA AUX input jack of the next AS-10TOGO speaker.

The radio function automatically searches and stores stations with a strong signal in your area. Signal strength can vary widely depending several factors including construction materials, local geography, or interference from other devices. If you do not get good reception in one area, try moving to another (close by a window or outside, etc.)

Press the Mode button until you see the letter ‘BT’ show up on the display. Open Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and look for the Gemini AS-10TOGO speaker and connect to it. You will hear a confirmation tone and the speaker will show as connected on your mobile device. You can now stream music to the speaker.

Make sure your SD card or USB are formatted as FAT32. Other format types (like HFS or exFAT) will not work with the AS-10TOGO speaker.

On the back panel near the bottom, there is a battery meter that indicates remaining charge and charging status.