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Unleash the Beat: Black Friday Deals That Amplify Your Sound!

Ready to elevate your audio game? Dive into Gemini Sound's holiday sales extravaganza, where every product sings a song of savings! Whether you're a budding DJ, a podcast enthusiast, or an aspiring musician, we've tailored discounts across our range to match your passion and budget. From crystal-clear speakers to state-of-the-art mixers, our deals are tuned to perfection, ensuring you hit the right note without stretching your wallet. Don't miss this symphony of savings – your next audio adventure awaits!

Save 5% on Orders Over $249!

Save 10% on Orders Over $499!

Save 15% on Orders Over $999!


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Premium Audio Equipment At Discount Prices

Founded in 1974 in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Gemini Sound has led the way for audio equipment and professional speakers for decades. Through our years of expertise in this industry, we always made it our objective to cater our selection of products to the little guy when sales speakers, audio equipment, and discounted audio components are concerned.

Are you an experienced DJ looking who needs to blow the doors off your next event, or someone who wants to set up unforgettable sounds for smaller gatherings like a wedding? We have what you need. At Gemini Sound, you will find DJ equipment and professional speaking components for seminars, sporting events, and concerts. 

At Gemini Sound, we offer unique in-house designs, free shipping on orders over $50, and that personal touch only a family-owned business can provide. We back our sales on audio equipment with a one-year warranty and offer a 30-day return policy to ensure your satisfaction. Order now, and we guarantee you'll get the best bang for your buck!