Impressive Sound, Impressive Functionality.

What’s the point of a speaker system if it doesn’t deliver pristine quality sound? The ES-210MXBLU is packed with innovative technology that roars to life. It has a 150W RMS Class D built-in amplifier for heavy duty support and 2 10-inch passive speakers with a 600W peak. To top it all off you get 10” LF woofers with a 2" voice coil.

Packed with functionality

Its pristine sound quality is complimented by its stunning features such as integrated media player with provisions for USB, Bluetooth and SD Cards. The ES-210MX-BLU also has individual bass, treble, effects and volume controls for all 4 line/mic inputs.

Full Package

Everything you need is right inside the box; one microphone, 15V of phantom power and all the cables you need to bring this to life.

No Unnecessary Bulk

We designed the ES-210MX-BLU to give you fantastic sound without unnecessary bulk. The ultra-lightweight impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet weighs only 44 lbs and comes with ergonomic top and side handles so you easily carry it when you need to.


●  Ultra-lightweight and extremely compact

●  Integrated media player with connections for USB, SD card, and Bluetooth

●  2-way high-power passive PA speakers

●  600 Watts peak, 150 Watts RMS Class D built-in amplifier

●  15 V phantom power for capacitance microphones

●  10” LF woofer with 2” voice coil

●  Pure titanium 1” HF compression driver

●  Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports

●  ABS impact-resistant nylon fiber cabinet

●  8-channel powered mixer with onboard digital echo effect

●  Individual bass, treble, effects and volume controls for 4 line/mic inputs

●  Top and side handles for easy carrying

●  Flyable and stand mountable


The radio function automatically searches for and stores stations with strong signal in your area. Signal strength can vary wildly depending on several factors including construction materials, local geography, or interference from other devices. If you do not get good reception in one area, try moving to another (by a window, outside, etc.).

Make sure that your SD card or USB are formatted as FAT32. Other format types (like HFS or exFAT) will not work with ES-210MX-BLU. 

Press the mode button until you see the letter “BT” shown up on the display. Open Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and look for the Gemini ES-210MX-BLU speaker and connect to it. You will hear a confirmation tone and the speaker will show as connected on your mobile device. You can now stream music to the speaker. 

Make sure that the cables connecting the speaker to the amplifier unit is properly inserted and in good condition. Check to make sure that your games are turned up and everything is powered on. If you’re still having a problem, contact Gemini support.

On the amplifier section, on the far-right side there are two TRS jacks. This is the correct place to plug in your speakers. Please do not plug the speakers into the monitor output section.