G2V: 2-Channel DJ Controller


G2V DJ Controller: Boost Your Creativity

With the Gemini G2V, we’ve combined the perks of professional DJ gear in a solid metal build to make learning DJ more accessible. It is a 2-channel USB DJ controller perfect for beginners that’s trying to step up their DJ creativity, as well as experienced DJs looking for a solid mobile solution. Featuring double decks, double mixing channels, and double rows of performance pads, this DJ console doubles your creative options in crafting mixes. With its pre-mapped FX controls, you can control software features with the push of a button. Its newly designed touch-sensitive jog wheels fit seamlessly into your mixing style, giving you the feel of real vinyl. At the house party or the nightclub, the G2V MIDI DJ controller lets you unleash all your DJ creativity.

Effortless Setup, Maximum Performance

Effortless grab-and-go movement with minimal set up. Boasting full-featured 2-channel DJ mixer, it gives DJs complete control over their mix and inspires operational flexibility at any level of their game.

Exciting I/Os For An Enhanced Performance

With a professional sounding 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and a balanced XLR master output, and microphone and auxiliary inputs – the Gemini G2V gives you all that a DJ could want when it comes to I/Os.

Complete Control of Your Music

A layout of intuitive faders, knobs, pads, and responsive, touch-sensitive jog wheels give you a complete control over your music and create the perfect powerhouse and tonal control mix.

16 Backlit Performance Pads

The LED level monitor and backlit buttons give you the visual feedback required in complicated performances to maximize your mixing and scratching.


  USB/MIDI software controller with built-in professional 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface

  2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, gain, and filter control on each channel

  Pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ

●  8 multi-function pads and 4 rotary controls per deck

  Includes quick keys for hot cues, auto-loop, sampler, and manual loop

  Touch-sensitive jog wheels

  Responsive controls with high-resolution MIDI

  MIDI mapping functionality over the entire controller

  Front 1/4” microphone input with gain control

  Auxiliary RCA line input

  Balanced XLR and RCA master outputs, RCA booth output with dedicated volume control, and front 1/4” headphone output


G2V is natively supported with Virtual DJ LE.

The G2V is a class compliant MIDI device that can be used with any software with MIDI learn feature.

The G2V can accept audio from an iPad or iPhone connected to the auxiliary input.

Yes. The auxiliary input can be used to connect a CD player.

No. The auxiliary input is strictly an audio pass-through.

In the case of a lost license key, please contact Gemini support.