In this article we will detail how to install our Mapping to control Traktor Pro 3 with the PMX-10 mixer.


  • Connect your PMX-10 to your computer via USB cable and power on.
  • Once you've downloaded the mapping file, launch Traktor Pro 
  • Open Traktor Preferences and select "Import" from the bottom left corner next to "Setup Wizard"
  • Select the downloaded file (pmx10traktormap2020.tsi) and choose open
  • Choose the following options under the "Select Categories to Import" window and click OK: Controller Mappings, GUI Layout, Audio Device Settings, Effects Settings, Other Preferences and Settings. 
  • Navigate to Controller Manager section of Traktor preferences window
  • Under "In-Port" and "Out-Port" menus choose PMX-10
  • You are now ready to begin controlling Traktor with your PMX-10 mixer

Mapping Explained

In order to fully utilize Traktor's functionality we had to assign a SHIFT button to access secondary functions. We've repurposed the PMX-10's BACK button as SHIFT.

  • TRACK SEARCH / [BROWSE TREE] - The track search knob will scroll through the track list, clicking in the track search knob will expand/hide the browser window. Holding SHIFT (back button) while scrolling will allow you to scroll through the "tree" on the left hand side of Traktor's browser.
  • EFFECT KNOBS / [FX SELECT] - Turning the EFFECT 1 or 2 knob on either deck will affect that FX's parameter knob in Traktor. Hold SHIFT (back button) while turning to choose a different effect.
  • CUES / [CUE SHIFT] - In order to map secondary functions to the Hotcue pads, we had to implement a secondary SHIFT button for deleting Hot Cues. To add a Hot Cue, simply press any of the available (unlit) Hot Cue pads. To delete a Hot Cue, hold CUE SHIFT while pushing the corresponding pad (1-8.)
  • [SYNC] - Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 1 to engage SYNC mode for that deck.
  • [MASTER] - Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 2 to set that deck as MASTER tempo
  • [TT BREAK] Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 3 to initiate Turntable Break effect. Holding down will Hot Cue pad 3 will simulate a record slowing down, will speed back up upon release.
  • [BEAT SLICER] Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 4 to engage Beat Slicer effect. Effect will remain on until you release Hot Cue 4.
  • [REVERSE] Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 5 to engage Reverse effect. Track will play in reverse until you release Hot Cue 5.
  • [CUP] Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 6 for Cue Play button
  • [CUE] Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 7 for Cue button
  • [PLAY] Hold SHIFT (back button) and press Hot Cue pad 7 for Cue button

Please note: this mapping is a great starting place for use of our PMX-10 mixer with Traktor and will be satisfactory for most DJs. You can further customize the mapping controls, effects etc to your personal playing style through the Traktor preferences window.

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