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Party Speakers

For the ultimate party experience, Gemini Sound has put together a lineup of heavy hitters that will mesmerize your audience as you take them on a musical journey. Our high-powered party systems come with LED lighting that is beat synced to the music to provide a breathtaking light show your audience will never forget. Our party systems feature Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Different models feature AUX inputs, USB inputs, guitar inputs, and FM Radio, giving you the power to control the party any way you like.

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Gemini Sound GRV-650L Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Gemini Sound GRV-2650L
Gemini Sound GGO-2650L
Gemini Sound GGO-650L Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Gemini Sound GGO-230L Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Gemini Sound GSYS-2400 Home Bluetooth Speakers
Gemini Sound GPLT-360 Modular Line Arrays
Gemini Sound GSYS-4800 Speakers
Gemini Sound GHK-2800 Speakers
Gemini Sound GLS-880 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GLS-550 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GSW-T1500PK Portable PA Systems
Gemini Sound GSYS-2000 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GSYS-4000 Party Systems
Gemini Sound GMAX-6000 Party Systems

Portable Party Speakers

Gemini party speaker systems are compact, allowing you to take the show on the road and bring the high-quality sound and LED lighting any audience can enjoy. These speakers are rugged yet lightweight, and come with ergonomic handles that make them easy to transport and set up. Our battery-powered models offer up to 16 hours of power, so you'll never have to worry about running out of juice.

Since 1974, Gemini Sound has led the way in the audio equipment industry—DJs, musicians, and enthusiasts have trusted us for decades. Our party speakers spark energy and excitement—and when combined with our DJ media players and professional media players, you can take the party to another level and keep them dancing all night long. All portable party speakers come with a 1-year warranty with the option to purchase extended warranties for additional protection. With Gemini Sound, you get the added benefits of free shipping and our 30-day free return policy

Gemini Sound is a family-owned business whose primary focus has been to provide our clients with better bang for their buck. We know how important it is that you get the highest-quality audio equipment available at the best possible price. Gemini Sound understands the importance of customer service, and we treat all of our clients like family. Give us a call at 732-346-0061 with any questions you may have.