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DJ Equipment

From DJ Controllers to DJ Players, Gemini Sound offers professional-grade DJ equipment designed for everyone - from beginners and amateur musicians to seasoned pros ready to rock a killer DJ performance. Our range includes state-of-the-art DJ Turntables and DJ Mixers, perfect for crafting a unique sound, whether performing for an intimate crowd or a roaring gathering of 10,000.

We provide all the hardware, software, and accessories you need to perfect your craft. Our DJ Headphones offer superior sound quality, helping you mix precisely and keep the crowd moving. With Gemini Sound, you're not just getting DJ equipment; you're getting the technology designed to empower your creativity and take your sound to the next level. Experience the ultimate party atmosphere with our DJ equipment that truly resonates with your audience.

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Gemini Sound TT-1200 Turntables & Record Players
Gemini Sound HD-15 DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound V-CASE Software
Gemini Sound MXR-01BT DJ Mixers
Gemini Sound MM1BT DJ Mixers
Gemini Sound CDM-4000BT DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound DJX-200 (WHT) Headphones
Gemini Sound DJX-1000 Headphones
Gemini Sound DJX-500 Headphones
Gemini Sound CDMP-1500 DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound CDX-2250i DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound STYLUS-15 DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound TL-15 DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound MM1 DJ Mixers
Gemini Sound MDJ-500 DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound MDJ-600 DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound HDCN-15 DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound GMX DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound MDJ-900 DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound TT-4000 DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound MDJ-500KIT DJ Systems
Gemini Sound CN-15 DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound PMX-10 DJ Mixers
Gemini Sound PMX-20 DJ Mixers
Gemini Sound TT-1100USB DJ Turntables
Gemini Sound G2V DJ Controllers
Gemini Sound G4V DJ Controllers
Gemini Sound SDJ-4000 DJ Media Players

Tools for the Perfect DJ Set

Browse our extensive selection of products and find everything you need to control the stage. Before you get in front of a crowd, you want to be sure you have everything you need to last through the night. Our products are designed to perform under pressure and won't slow you down with glitches or technical difficulties.

We have a wide array of controllers, headphones, media players, mixers, software, turntables, DJ systems, and so much more. Whatever you need to capture the rhythm, we have the tools. Whether you're looking to pull sounds from the internet, scratch vinyl, or incorporate drops and effects, we’ll help you perform at the highest level. It doesn't matter if you're a total rookie or a seasoned pro, our DJ equipment will help you keep the crowd entertained regardless of the venue or genre.

Gemini Sound is a family-owned business that has been helping DJs of all skill levels master their craft since 1974. We are dedicated to helping you create the perfect DJ set with reliable technology built for the stage. We offer 30-day returns and a 1-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you won't face any issues, or you’ll get your money back. Shop with us today and get 10% off on your first order.