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Firmware Updater Software

Gemini SDJ-4000 Firmware Update Download
Gemini MDJ Series 6.10 Update Download


Update MDJ Series: 

  1. Put attached file with 6.10 update to root of USB stick
  2. Insert stick to the unit
  3. Press [SHIFT] & [USB]
  4. Select "Update"
  5. Press [ENTER]
  6. The update should start automatically

Update SDJ-4000:

  1. Place SDJ 1.5 firmware file to root of USB stick
  2. Insert in USB1 port on the SDJ-4000. 
  3. Press [SETTINGS] to enter Settings menu. Scroll to bottom of list and confirm current version.
  4. Select "Update Device" from settings menu and turn encoder to select [Yes]
  5. Display will read "Updating Device Firmware. Do not turn off the power"
  6. SDJ-4000 will reboot
  7. Press [SETTINGS] to enter Settings menu. Scroll to bottom of list and confirm new version is installed. 

Windows ASIO Drivers:

*Exclusively for Windows PC's*

Gemini ASIO Driver Download
Gemini SLATE Series ASIO Driver Download


Virtual DJ Setup Guides:

Gemini PMX-10 Virtual DJ Guide View
Gemini PMX-20 Virtual DJ Guide


Gemini DRP-1 Firmware Updates:

Gemini DRP-1 Firmware Update Download

Legacy Cortex Firmware Updates:

Cortex HDTT-5000 Download
Cortex DMIX-600 and DMIX-300
Cortex HDC-3000 Download
Cortex HDC-1000 Download


iKey Audio Firmware Updates:

iKey Audio RM3 Firmware Update Download

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