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GRV-2650L UltraRave Duo | 400W Bluetooth Party Speaker with LED Lights & Wireless Mic

Elevate your celebrations with the Gemini Sound GRV-2650L UltraRave Duo, the ultimate Bluetooth party speaker. Attention-grabbing with its dynamic 400W output, this party box features dual 6.5” woofers, ensuring every beat pulsates through the room. Interest peaks with its dazzling LED lights, transforming any space into a vibrant dance floor. Desire builds with its wireless microphone, perfect for karaoke or making announcements, creating an unforgettable interactive experience. For action, the easy-to-use Bluetooth connectivity, TWS linking, and multiple input options promise seamless integration with any setup. Whether indoors or outdoors, the UltraRave Duo is your ticket to an immersive, high-energy audiovisual feast, making every gathering a hit.


The Gemini Sound GRV-2650L UltraRave Duo is not just a party speaker; it's an emblem of peak auditory and visual entertainment. This Bluetooth party speaker kicks off any event with a bang, thanks to its robust 400W peak power output. The dual 6.5” low-frequency woofers coupled with crisp, high-frequency tweeters deliver a sound that’s not just heard, but felt, making it the centerpiece of your audio setup. Attention is instantly captured with its sleek design and LED party lighting, setting the stage for an extraordinary audio experience.

Interest in the UltraRave Duo is further ignited by its versatile features tailored for any event. Whether it's a lively house party, an outdoor gathering, or a spontaneous karaoke night, this party box adapts seamlessly. The included wireless microphone and Pitch Shifting Effect elevate karaoke sessions, allowing everyone to join in the fun. The seamless Bluetooth connectivity, alongside TWS linking capabilities, ensures an expansive sound setup, syncing effortlessly with other devices for a more immersive sound experience. Its robust build and portability mean you can bring exceptional sound quality to any location, adding a touch of sophistication to your events.

The desire for the UltraRave Duo is undeniable when considering its superior sound quality and user-friendly interface. The Audio EQ presets and controls allow for fine-tuning, ensuring your music sounds just the way you like it. The party speaker’s diverse audio options, including FM radio, USB playback, and an aux input, offer unparalleled versatility, catering to all your audio needs. Its battery life is impressive too, keeping the party going for hours on end. All these features are enclosed in a durable, weather-resistant design, making it as practical as it is powerful.

Action is the final chord in the symphony of the UltraRave Duo's allure. Owning this speaker means transcending ordinary audio experiences. It's an invitation to host unforgettable gatherings, where music and mood blend seamlessly. The speaker’s easy setup and user-friendly interface ensure a hassle-free experience, making it ideal for audio enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Investing in the Gemini Sound GRV-2650L UltraRave Duo means choosing not just a product, but an experience – one that resonates with power, versatility, and enduring quality.


Dynamic 400W Output

Offers powerful, room-filling sound ideal for any party or gathering.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures seamless streaming from various devices.

LED Party Lighting

Transforms any space into a vibrant dance floor with stunning visual effects.

Wireless Microphone

Includes a microphone with Pitch Shifting Effect, perfect for karaoke.

TWS Linking Capability

Enables pairing with another speaker for an expanded stereo sound.

Versatile Input Options

Features ¼" Mic, ⅛" Aux, USB, and FM Radio inputs for diverse audio sources.

Extended Battery Life

Provides up to 10 hours of playtime, ideal for long events.

Portable and Durable

Easy to transport and built to last, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Category Specification
Amplifier Type Class D
Power 200W RMS / 400W Peak
Drivers LF Size 2 x 6.5" Woofers
HF Size 2 x 2" Tweeters
Connectivity Bluetooth Version 5.0
Inputs Mic ¼" Mic Input
Auxiliary ⅛" (3.5mm) Aux Input
USB USB-A Playback
Frequency Response Range 40Hz – 20kHz
Max Peak SPL At 1M 110 dB
Construction Material ABS Plastic
Battery 11.1V 7500 mAh Lithium Battery
Playback Charge Time ~3.5 Hours
Play Time ~10 Hours

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