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STL-500: Ultra Bright LED Speaker Stand

The Gemini STL-500 Ultra Bright LED Speaker Stand is a collapsible, telescoping speaker stand that can extend from 100 up to 180 cm and hold up to 27.5 Kg. The tripod configuration is extremely stable on level surfaces, and the safety pin ensures that stand height remains at the level you set even with a heavy speaker.

What makes this stand truly exceptional is that it has an integrated lightshow. Each leg of the stand lights and flashes in multiple colors and patterns. Lighting can be static, triggered by audio, or controlled with the included remote.

  • Speaker stand with Multi-Color LED tripod legs
  • Multi-Color LED Tripod Base
  • 22 Dynamic Modes and 20 Static Colors
  • Remote for Multi-Color LED
  • Adjustable Height from 3.6 ft to 6.1 Ft
  • Weight capacity: 60 lbs