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GSYS-2400: Dual 8" Home Stereo Ststem with LED Party Lighting

Gemini introduces a revamped version of our acclaimed GSYS Home Stereo Systems, featuring a refined aesthetic. Bring energy to any event with various audio playback choices. Stream all your beloved songs wirelessly via Bluetooth®! Alternatively, play your digital music collection from USB and SD card inputs. Don't forget the FM Radio tuner! Two 8" Low-Frequency Woofers, a 6.5" Mid Frequency Woofer, and two tweeters (3" & 1") produce crystal-clear full-range sound. Choose from different LED party lighting modes for captivating visual effects in sync with the beat! Digital Coaxial and Optical inputs let you connect the GSYS-2400 to your TV, transforming it into a comprehensive home entertainment system. Equipped with two 1/4" microphone inputs, this system is excellent for house parties, catering to all your music and crowd management needs. A wired microphone is included. Karaoke, anyone? The tablet holder atop the unit turns the GSYS-2400 into a Karaoke Machine—view lyrics on your tablet while the system handles the audio. The X Drive Bass Boost function from Gemini delivers deep sub bass that's sure to get the party going. An LED display makes monitoring playback info a breeze. Use the on-unit transport buttons or the included wireless remote control for effortless operation. Gemini's new GSYS Series features a modular design that enables the main head unit to function independently without the auxiliary speakers while maintaining full sound range, allowing the system to adapt to various spaces and requirements. Boasting incredible sound and a fully-loaded feature set, this is the ultimate home entertainment system.

  • ULTIMATE HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: Ideal for Karaoke Parties or Movie Nights, the GSYS-2400 is the premier Bluetooth® home stereo solution. This modern, feature-packed design satisfies all your audio desires. Turn up the volume and party all night!
  • PACKED WITH POWER: Delivering 2000 Watts of peak power to two 8" subwoofers, a 6.5" Mid Frequency Woofer, and two Tweeters (3" & 1"), the GSYS-2400 offers clear sound across the frequency spectrum. Experience huge bass and crisp highs with the X Drive function for an even more intense low-end.
  • KING OF KARAOKE: The GSYS-2400 Home Stereo System doubles as a fantastic Karaoke machine. Two Mic inputs enable duets with friends, while the tablet dock keeps lyrics visible. The adjustable echo effect helps you sound like a pro! A wired Microphone is included.
  • ASSORTED AUDIO: Enjoy built-in Bluetooth®, FM radio, and a media player for USB playback. With dual microphone inputs for performances or karaoke, you'll be partying like a rock star! Digital Audio inputs (Coaxial and Optical) enable connection to your TV for an unparalleled home entertainment experience, while the 1/8" Aux input allows connectivity to virtually any other audio source.
  • ILLUMINATING LIGHT SHOW: The GSYS-2400 is as visually stunning as it is sonically impressive. An integrated multi-colored LED light show enhances the party vibe as lights pulse to the music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere with every beat.