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GSYS-2000: Dual 8" Ultimate 2000W Home Stereo System with Dynamic LED Party Lighting

Unleash the ultimate auditory experience with the GSYS-2000! Illuminate your space with dynamic multi-colored LED party lighting synchronized to pump up the atmosphere. Dive into a universe where every beat, rhythm, and melody is amplified with pristine clarity. Dual 8" woofers and 3" tweeters create a symphony of full-range sound that resonates with power and precision, captivating your senses and elevating your musical moments. Imagine having a personal concert enriched with 2000 Watts of peak power, compelling you to feel the music in its purest form. With Bluetooth streaming, USB, SD card playback, and an FM Radio tuner, the GSYS-2000 ensures your favorite tunes are always at your fingertips, ready to electrify your experience. Elevate your auditory journey. Let the GSYS-2000 redefine your soundscapes, leading you to a realm of musical mastery and brilliant LED visual displays. Dive in and be mesmerized!


Step into a world where sound and spectacle fuse into one extraordinary experience with the GSYS-2000. A realm where every rhythm dances through the air with unparalleled clarity and melodies shimmer with vivid vibrance. Embellished with LED party lighting that morphs your space into a radiant symphony of colors, the GSYS-2000 doesn’t just play music; it performs a stunning audio-visual spectacle that captivates and commands the room.

Curiosity is ignited as the GSYS-2000 unveils its arsenal of features. With 2000 Watts surging through dual 8" woofers and twin 3" tweeters, every beat and melody are projected with majestic fullness and intricate detail. Its meticulously crafted design allows you to explore a broad spectrum of audio playback options, ensuring an unbreakable connection with your musical inclinations. Bluetooth connectivity unchains your playlist, USB and SD card inputs allow a seamless flow of your curated tracks, and an FM Radio tuner to serenade you with an endless stream of hits.

Desire brews as you envision the endless possibilities the GSYS-2000 offers. Imagine hosting epic gatherings where the GSYS-2000 becomes the life of the party, its lights pulsating with the rhythm, transforming every space into a dynamic dance floor. With an intuitive DJ-inspired control surface, you can tailor your sound, carving out audio landscapes that resonate with your style. Encapsulate memorable performances and karaoke nights with an onboard recorder, ensuring that every joyful moment is captured with the brilliance it deserves.

Dive into a transformative audio experience. Let the GSYS-2000 guide your musical journey, embracing your spaces with impeccable sound and a cascade of captivating lights. Make it the heart of your party, the conductor of your rhythms, and the architect of your unforgettable musical realms. Embark on a sound odyssey that transcends the ordinary, leading you through extraordinary symphonies of audio-visual brilliance. Elevate, captivate, and mesmerize with the GSYS-2000.


Powerful Sound Output

The GSYS-2000 blasts 2000 Watts of peak power, delivering vibrant and immersive sound quality that fills the room.

Dynamic LED Light Show

Multi-colored LED lights sync to the beat, adding a visual spectacle that enhances the overall party atmosphere.

Versatile Connectivity

Offers a suite of connection options like Bluetooth, USB, SD, and AUX inputs, making it compatible with various music sources.

Integrated FM Radio Tuner

Built-in FM Radio tuner allows for the enjoyment of live radio broadcasts for varied musical entertainment.

Mic and Guitar Inputs

Allows for live vocal and instrumental performances with dedicated inputs and volume controls, perfect for karaoke and musicians.

User-friendly Controls

Equipped with intuitive and easily accessible controls for seamless operation, along with an included remote for convenience.

On-Board Recording

Features the ability to record directly to USB or SD, capturing live performances or memorable party moments.

Durable Construction

Made with sturdy ABS plastic, ensuring the system withstands the rigors of substantial use and lively gatherings.


Category Specification
Product SKU GSYS-2000
UPC 747705007124
Specifications Active/Passive Active
Amplifier Type Class D Amplifier
LF Driver Size 8" x 2
HF Driver Size 3" x 2
Total Power 2000 Watts Peak Power (PMPO)
Frequency Response 50Hz-16kHz
Max Peak SPL @ 1M 95 dB
Signal Processing Mic Equalization and Echo Effect
I/O Inputs ¼" Guitar input, ¼" Mic input, ⅛" Aux input
Outputs N/A
Functions USB Play music via USB port
Media Player USB & FM Radio
Bluetooth Bluetooth Streaming
Bluetooth Range Range >30 Feet
Lighting Multi-Color LED Party Lighting (LED Party Light and Woofer Lights)
Build Enclosure Material ABS Plastic and wood
Box Dimensions (L*W*H mm) 950 x 325 x 325
Box Dimensions (L*W*H in) 37.41 x 12.8 x 12.8
Box Weight KG 14.2
Box Weight LB 31.31
What's In The Box Box Contents GSYS-2000, Wired Microphone, Remote Control, Power Cable, User Manual & Quick Start guide

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