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GMU-HSL100: UHF Wireless Microphone System

The GMU-HSL100 is a complete UHF Wireless System that includes both a dynamic headset microphone and a lavalier microphone with a wireless transmitter bodypack and receiver with a ¼” connection. This expandable Plug & Play system will meet all your wireless needs, with a USB rechargeable receiver and long-distance wireless connection, just plug in and power on and you’re ready to rock. Choose Lavalier or Headset mic depending on your preference and connect to Body Pack Transmitter, AA Batteries included. Gemini’s GMU Wireless system is perfect for many applications, including but not limited to Karaoke, Busking, Weddings, Conferences, Streaming, and Podcasting. We’ve put our years of audio industry experience into developing a high-quality wireless system that only Gemini can provide.

  • COMPLETE WIRELESS SYSTEM: Easily connect Headset Microphone or Lavalier Microphone to the Body Pack and connect wirelessly to the R10 Receiver for untethered audio connection in a variety of settings from music performances to weddings and conferences. Wireless range over 50 meters with a stable signal and no delay!
  • USB CHARGING: The R10 Receiver contains a rechargeable Lithium battery, conveniently charge via USB with included Micro-USB cable. The battery provides hours of use on a single charge. Conveniently monitor remaining battery life and Channel/Frequency via the Body Pack’s easy-to-read LED Display. Bodypack powered by AA Batteries included.
  • ENDLESS OPTIONS: Karaoke, Busking, Weddings, Conferences, Podcasting, etc, the list goes on. The GMU Wireless series will perform well in many applications and scenarios. Whether in a professional environment or at home, the GMU Series offers the perfect solution for your wireless audio needs!
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Transmitter and Receiver automatically pair, just connect the desired microphone to Body Pack and plug Receiver into your audio device and power on. Change frequencies with ease from the Body Pack. With a wide range of available UHF frequencies, you’ll have no trouble finding an interference-free channel to transmit audio. (United States: 512-541.7MHz) (Europe: 863-865MHz)
  • EXPANDABLE SYSTEM: The GMU Wireless System can support 6 pairs of devices working without interference as well as the ability to transmit one signal to several receivers at the same time.

Click here for list of frequencies and corresponding channels.