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GHRK-400-PR: Bluetooth® Outdoor Rock Speakers, TWS, Waterproof Patio Sound System

Immerse yourself in nature with the GHRK-400-PR, rechargeable Bluetooth® outdoor rock speakers that flawlessly integrate into your garden or patio. Featuring TWS linking and a water-resistant IPX5 rating, these speakers ensure your gatherings remain lively in any weather. The dual 4-inch drivers unleash a powerful 40W peak output for vibrant, clear sound, while offering up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge. Simple connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0 provides a seamless setup, making these rock speakers an effortless addition to your outdoor space. Perfect for any outdoor setting, they promise both durability and exceptional audio quality, transforming your backyard into a musical oasis.


Transform your backyard into an enchanting oasis of sound with the GHRK-400-PR Bluetooth® Outdoor Rock Speakers. Designed to mimic the natural beauty of stone, these speakers blend seamlessly into your garden or patio, offering not just a feast for the ears but also a visual delight. With their unique rock design, these speakers allow you to elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces while enjoying your favorite tunes in crystal-clear, resonant sound.

The GHRK-400-PR doesn’t just look good; it’s built to withstand the elements too. Boasting a robust IPX5 waterproof rating, these speakers are engineered to endure rain or shine, ensuring your music plays on no matter the weather. Powered by advanced Bluetooth® 5.0 technology, these speakers guarantee a stable connection over 32 feet, allowing you to stream your music without interruption. The True Wireless Stereo (TWS) linking feature enables you to pair two speakers for a truly immersive stereo sound experience, perfect for any outdoor gathering.

Imagine hosting your next barbecue or garden party with the GHRK-400-PR enriching every moment with premium sound quality. Each speaker houses a pair of 4-inch drivers, delivering a powerful peak output of 40W that fills your outdoor space with rich, vibrant sound. With up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, these speakers ensure that your playlists keep the energy high from dusk till dawn. And when the batteries run low, recharging them is as simple as using a microUSB cable, making it easy to get back to your outdoor adventures.

Don’t let another day pass without making the GHRK-400-PR Bluetooth® Outdoor Rock Speakers a part of your outdoor living space. With their combination of durable construction, exceptional sound quality, and aesthetically pleasing design, these speakers offer the perfect way to enhance your outdoor experience. Start planning your next outdoor event with the ultimate sound companion today and create lasting memories with a soundtrack that’s as rich and vibrant as your gatherings.


Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Offers stable connectivity over 32 feet for seamless music streaming.

IPX5 Waterproof Rating

Ensures durability against rain and splashes, perfect for any outdoor setting.

TWS Linking Feature

Pairs two speakers wirelessly for an immersive stereo sound experience.

Up to 10 Hours Playtime

2000mAh rechargeable batteries offer extended listening times for all-day enjoyment.

Quick Charging Time

Reaches full charge in about 2 hours, reducing downtime and enhancing convenience.

Powerful Sound Output

Dual 4-inch drivers deliver a peak power of 40W, ensuring vibrant sound quality.

Resonant-absorbing Cabinet

Features a polymer design with UV protection to withstand various weather conditions.

Effortless Setup Process

Intuitive controls and easy pairing offer a hassle-free initial setup experience.

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