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GHRK-500LTMS-PR: Portable Solar Bluetooth Rock Speaker, Weather-Resistant, Multi-Link, Wireless, LED Lighting

Prix de vente$229.95
  • WIRELESS AUDIO FOR EVERY OUTDOOR MOMENT: Turn your garden into a live concert with our Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers. With Bluetooth 5.0, streaming music wirelessly from any device is a breeze, ensuring your favorite playlists are always part of your outdoor adventures, no strings attached.
  • SOLAR CHARGED FOR ENDLESS TUNES: Our Solar Bluetooth Speaker keeps the beat going from dawn till dusk. With dual 2000mAh batteries powered by solar energy, these speakers offer an eco-friendly way to enjoy your music, reducing the hassle of frequent charging while being kind to the environment.
  • BUILT TO BRACE THE ELEMENTS: Rain or shine, our Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker stands by to enhance your outdoor living. With an IPX5 rating and UV-protected cabinets, these speakers are crafted to endure all weather conditions, offering you peace of mind to leave them outdoors.
  • EXPANSIVE SOUND THAT FILLS YOUR SPACE: Imagine an audio experience that surrounds you, and with our Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth, it's possible. Link up to 50 speakers wirelessly to create an enveloping sound field that turns your backyard into an audio oasis, perfect for any gathering.
  • COMPACT DESIGN, IMPRESSIVE SOUND: Don't let their size fool you; our Portable Bluetooth Speakers deliver a powerful auditory punch. Engineered to optimize sound in the great outdoors, these speakers come with 5” drivers that pump out crisp, clear tunes, ensuring your outdoor moments are always accompanied by high-quality sound.