GSYS-2400: Dual 12" Home Stereo Ststem with LED Party Lighting

The Gemini GSYS series has a fresh look! Introducing a sleek new modern design to our legendary home stereo systems that deliver the earth-shaking yet clear sound that you expect from Gemini. With the GSYS-4800, enjoy assorted onboard audio playback options or connect virtually any audio source via auxiliary input. Bluetooth® audio streaming plays all your favorite songs wirelessly or play your music collection from the USB and SD card inputs or connect virtually any audio device directly to the 1/8” aux input. Or use FM Radio to tune in to the local sounds. 3000 watts of clean power drive dual 12” subwoofers, a 6.5” mid-frequency woofer plus 2 high-frequency tweeters (1” & 1.9”) to deliver pristine full-range sound. Built-in LED party lighting with selectable modes and colors add visual effects to the beat, creating a truly dazzling display that will add vibes to any party! With an included microphone, this is a great system for house parties, perfect for all your music and crowd control needs. Display slot for your tablet on the top of the head unit makes Karaoke a breeze. This is the ultimate home party system with huge sound and fully loaded features. 

  1. THE ULTIMATE PARTY SYSTEM: The GSYS-4800 is easily the ultimate solution for your home entertainment needs. Packing all the features into a beautifully redesigned modular system, the GSYS-4800 will meet all your audio needs. Crank it up and party all night!
  2. PACKED WITH POWER: Blasting 3000 Watts of peak power into dual 12” subwoofers, a 6.5” MF woofer plus two tweeters, the GSYS-4800 provides clean sound across the frequency range. Huge full bass and clean crisp highs, listen to your music as it was meant to be heard.
  3. MISSION CONTROL: The GSYS-4800 is the perfect centerpiece for your home entertainment system. Feed all your audio sources into the GSYS-4800 for a huge room filling sound with dazzling LED party lighting. LED display on unit to monitor speaker function status. Wireless remote keeps the control in your hands.
  4. ASSORTED AUDIO: With built-in Bluetooth®, FM radio, and a media player for USB playback plus a 1/8” Aux input, you’ll never miss your favorite music no matter the source. Two microphone inputs let you plug in for performances or karaoke duets! Optical and Coaxial inputs allow you to connect your TV for use as a complete home entertainment system.
  5. ILLUMINATING LIGHT SHOW: The GSYS-4800 looks just as impressive as it sounds with LED party lighting in head unit and speakers. Light it up with a dynamic built-in multi-colored LED light show and create a mind-blowing visual extravaganza!

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