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Legacy Products

Step into a world of audio heritage with the Gemini Legacy Collection, your portal to the rich history and detailed information of iconic products that have shaped the soundscapes of generations. This collection is a tribute to the discontinued classics, offering a comprehensive archive for enthusiasts and owners seeking insights into their beloved Gemini equipment. Perfect for preservationists and curious minds alike, dive deep into product specifications, usage tips, and the legacy behind each piece. Celebrate the innovation and craftsmanship of Gemini Sound's past, discovering the stories behind the equipment that paved the way for future audio advancements.

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Gemini Sound MIX2GO DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound Wireless Systems & Accessories
Gemini Sound AS-15BLU Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound AS-15BLU-PK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound MIX2GO PRO DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound AS-15BLU-LT-PK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound AS-15P Powered Speakers
AS-15P: altavoz autoamplificado Precio de oferta$169.95
Gemini Sound AS-15BLU-LT Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound Wireless Systems & Accessories
Gemini Sound DJX-05 Headphones
Gemini Sound AS-08BLU Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound AS-12P Powered Speakers
AS-12P: altavoz autoamplificado Precio de oferta$179.95
Gemini Sound MXR-01 DJ Mixers
Gemini Sound AS-12BLU Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound MPA-1000B
Gemini Sound AS-10BLU Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound STL-100 Stands
Gemini Sound ES-12TOGO Portable PA Systems
Gemini Sound DRP-1
Gemini Sound AS-10P Powered Speakers
AS-10P: Altavoz autoamplificado Precio de oferta$119.95
Gemini Sound CDM-4000 DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound GSM-1260
GSM-1260: Altavoz de 12" Precio de oferta$89.95
Gemini Sound AS-10BLU-LT Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound AS-12BLU-PK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound MDJ-1000 DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound GMX DRIVE DJ Media Players
Gemini Sound DJX-07 Headphones
Gemini Sound DJX-03 Headphones
DJX-03: Auriculares profesionales Precio de oferta$14.95
Gemini Sound Wireless Systems & Accessories
Gemini Sound Wireless Systems & Accessories
VHF-01M: Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico Precio de ofertaDesde $44.99
Gemini Sound GSM-3250
GSM-3250: Altavoz doble de 15" Precio de oferta$199.95
Gemini Sound GSM-1585
GSM-1585: Altavoz de 15" Precio de oferta$124.95
Gemini Sound AS-12BLU-LT Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound AS-08BLU-LT Powered Speakers
Gemini Sound AS-08P Powered Speakers
AS-08P: altavoz autoamplificado Precio de oferta$99.95
Gemini Sound PA-15L PACK Speaker Packages
Gemini Sound MPA-3000
Gemini Sound AS-12BLU-LT-PK Powered Speakers