Refurbished ES-12 Passive Speaker

$97.46 $129.95

The Gemini ES-12 12" Passive Loudspeaker is articulate and responsive to the subtle and dynamic changes in your tracks. The 2-way speaker is composed of a large 12” LF woofer and powerful 2” voice coil needed to push the low frequencies nearing 60 Hz around the room. The tweeter is a pure titanium compression driver with a wide dispersion horn for airy and detailed highs even at large distances or angles from the speaker. The ABS nylon-fiber cabinet makes the speaker strong and durable in the face of continual use and abuse. The cabinet also has top- and side-mounted handles for multiple carrying positions and options for hanging or stand mounting, so getting to the event and setting up is simple every time. The versatile speaker is designed to last for years under continual travel and use.

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