DJX-05 Professional DJ Headphones


Premium Sound, Comfort Fit.

If music is all that what matters, then Gemini's DJX-05 is the right thing for you. The combinations of comfort and sound clarity deliver better base experience with a convenient foldable design. Its 50 mm drivers reproduce all your music's dynamics with clear sound reproduction and controlled bass. The padded headband naturally adjusts to fit all head sizes and adds an extra layer of comfort for extended listening. Its reversible 90 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical rotating joints ensure a perfect fit along with its closed ear design to block out any outside noise. Delivering balanced sound reproduction in any environment, these headphones are perfect for DJs and studio monitoring applications.

Sound That Can't Be Ignored

Innovative sound isolation technique, high-output 50 mm drivers, and closed ear design to block any outside noise - these headphones provide exceptional sound quality and outstanding value. 

Comfort That Matters

Weighing just a few ounces, the DJX-05 headphones are worn with ease. Its leather-covered padded earcups along with padded adjustable headband give you an unmatched comfort experience.

Foldable Design + Lightweight Build

Space saving collapsible body and rotating earcups make them a 'must have headphone'. Its durable yet lightweight build makes it an excellent fit for the booth, office or home use.

Freedom In The Booth

Its removable 4 m spring cable is long enough that you can move around even when connected.


The DJX-05 headphones have a removable cable. Please check to make sure that this cable if firmly seated and all connections are secured. If this doesn’t correct the issue, please test the headphones with an alternate source.

The DJX-05 headphones have adjustable earcups. You may need to extend the earcups lower or swivel them slightly to achieve a comfortable fit.

A weak solution of warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap will work fine. Do not use rubbing alcohol as it will dry out the leather.