AS-10BLU-LT: Multi-LED Bluetooth Loudspeaker


Powerful Sound You Can Hear And See

The AS-10BLU-LT continues in Gemini’s defining mission of providing professional DJs, entertainers, venues and business presenters with reliable, well-constructed sound reinforcement equipment at an affordable price. The 10” woofer gives 1,000 watts of pure party power and our high definition LED light show will move to beat all night long. This speaker is packed with playback options including USB, FM Radio, SD, Mic, XLR and RCA inputs. We’ve built this speaker to effortless go with you anywhere you need clear sound.

Packs Big Sound

A 2-way active PA speaker with 1,000 watts Class AB built-in power amplifier, 10” woofer, and Piezo compression driver – perfectly engineered for an unprecedented performance.

Beat-Synced LED Woofer

The multi-colored flashing LED lights will heighten excitement at any backyard party or gathering.

Limitless Music Options

The speaker comes with multiple connectivity options to connect external devices including ¼” mic or guitar input, RCA stereo inputs, etc., which can be adjusted separately for high and low frequencies.

Play Your Music With Comfort

From DJ gigs to home parties, to outdoor gatherings, the integrated media player with connections for USB and SD card, FM radio, Bluetooth make it an excellent fit to keep the crowd entertained all night long.


●  Beat-synched full-colored woofer LED light array; On/Off LED array control

●  Integrated media player with connections for USB, SD card, Bluetooth, and built-in FM radio with internal antenna

●  High-power active PA speaker

●  1,000 Watts peak Class AB built-in amplifier

●  10” woofer with 1” voice coil and Piezo HF compression driver

●  Linear frequency response between 30 Hz – 19 kHz

●  Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports

●  ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet

●  Top carrying handle

  2 input channels with separate gain control

●  Mic and line XLR, 1/, 1/8”, and RCA inputs

●  High and low equalization controls

●  Clip LED alert

●  Flyable and stand mountable


Verify that the power button is turned on and all the connections to the inputs are connected securely.

Try plugging in something else into the Mains outlet to verify that the speaker is receiving the power. If the outlet is receiving power, check to see if the fuse on the AS-10BLU-LT speaker is blown and should be replaced if necessary.

The AS-10BLU-LT speaker comes with a 2-band EQ that allows you to tailor your sound as per your preference.

The AS-10BLU-LT speaker has an input jack (Labelled AUX) on the back of the I/O panel to allow you to connect your phone or tablet using the cable.

Yes. Connect the XLR cable to the mix out jack of the AS-10BLU-LT speaker to the line input jack of the next AS-10BLU-LT speaker.

Make sure that your SD card or USB are formatted as FAT32. Other format types (like HFS or exFAT) will not work with the AS Series of speakers.