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  • ULTIMATE BLUETOOTH PA SPEAKER: Experience the power of a 15-inch woofer paired with a precision-engineered 1.35-inch titanium tweeter for unparalleled audio clarity. Ideal for DJ setups, band PA speakers, or large event speakers, this product delivers deep bass and crystal-clear highs, suitable for any venue or outdoor event. 
  • HIGH-POWERED DJ AND PA PERFORMANCE: Feel the impact of 1200W peak output through our advanced class-D amplifier, making this speaker a powerful choice for parties, studios, or church audio needs. As a standout in professional DJ equipment, it ensures your sound is prominent and clear in any setting. 
  • STREAM WITH EASE: Enhance your audio setup with Bluetooth capability, allowing you to stream music directly from your devices. This feature, combined with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Linking, offers a streamlined setup for a superior sound experience, perfect for entertainers seeking high-quality audio without the hassle. 
  • BUILT FOR THE ROAD: Designed with durability in mind, this speaker features a lightweight, impact-resistant cabinet and is equipped with three handles for easy transportation. Whether it's for an indoor event or an outdoor performance, this Bluetooth PA speaker combines portability with the audio quality of professional studio speakers. 
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY AND CONTROL: Offering a comprehensive three-channel mixer with individual gains and a variety of input options, this speaker meets all your audio needs. From PA applications to serving as a dynamic loudspeaker for gatherings, it provides the precise control required to tailor your sound, making it ideal for those who demand a versatile and high-quality audio solution.