WRX-843: Modular Line Array Speaker System


Built for Perfectly Customized Sound

This sleek, lightweight column array PA system boasts room-filling sound in a compact, highly PORTABLE Package. The Gemini WRX-843 is packed to deliver rich sound for professionals needing a transportable PA system. This speaker system makes its presence felt with its towering 78” height, 3,000 watts of room-filling peak power, and 600 watts of continuous Class D digital amplifier. The WRX-843 weighs only 24 lbs. and is perfect for mobile DJs and other entertainers on the go. Thanks to a wide array of I/O options and onboard controls, the WRX-843 is a highly flexible PA system that quickly adapts to a variety of applications.

Hear Your Music Like Never Before

From the subwoofer to the sound tower, the WRX-843 Line Array Speaker is made with superior engineering technologies that delivers 3,000 watts of peak power, giving off perfect sound at every corner.

Compact Enclosure for Effortless Transport

Weighing only 24 lbs., this 78” tall speaker is a ready-to-go system which can be taken from one location to another with convenience and can be set up within seconds.

Pick the Perfect Level of Sound

With 2 adjustable column spacers, the WRX-843 gives you the freedom to build customizable sound. From smaller to larger spaces and from lower to higher ceilings, you have complete control over how you want your sound to be heard.


●  Line array of six 2.75” off-axis drivers which provide optimal audio imaging and wide dispersion

●  Detachable array spacers for customizing the performance to the audience

●  Powerful 8” subwoofer with a 2” high-temperature voice coil for extended low-end performance

●  3,000 Watts of peak power and 600 watts of continuous Class D digital power to handle tough performance demands

●  Built-in 4-channel mixer with flexible inputs for instruments, microphones, AUX, line input and Bluetooth

●  Mix output for flexibility and scalability and link multiple systems together

●  Reverb effect for enhancing performances

●  Bluetooth streaming for playback from any compatible devices

●  Modular design and a built-in handle ensure easy set up and transportation

●  4 DSP modes for customizing your sound: Music, live, HiFi, and speech

●  Multiple voltage for worldwide use – 110V ~ 240V 50/60 Hz

●  Dimensions: 1980 X 320 X 300 mm / 78” X 12.6” X 11.8” (H X W X D)

●  Weight: 11 kg / 24.25 lbs.


Be sure that the mic / line switch on your channel is set to mic. You may also need to turn up the level.

Yes. Each microphone input has a dedicated reverb button.

Think of DSP as an adjustable EQ preset that you can select by pressing the DSP button.

Make sure that the top speaker segment is attached to the subwoofer base and that's inserted securely.

You can connect multiple WRX-843 systems using an XLR cable. Insert one end into the XLR out and the other end into the free line input on the other speaker.