AS-15BLU-LT-PK: 15" Multi-LED Bluetooth Speaker Package



A Value-Packed Speaker System

The AS-15BLU-LT-Pack continues in Gemini’s defining mission of providing professional DJs, entertainers, venues and business presenters with reliable, well-constructed sound reinforcement equipment at an affordable price. We’ve designed the AS Series in both passive and active configurations, the active configurations additionally having Bluetooth connectivity as an option. This pack is everything you need right out of the box including a stainless-steel speaker stand, professional microphone, XLR cables and high-definition LED lights that provide a light show that goes to the beat of the music.

The Ultimate Concert Machine

The AS-15BLU-LT System allows you to get crisp, concert quality sound with the 15-inch 2000W Class System Built In Amplifier, impedance at 4 Ohms, and Linear Frequency Response Between 50Hz-20Khz for an unmatched level of quality in your sound. The unit also includes a vibrant and perfectly synced LED light array for increased atmosphere in your performance

Multimedia Powerhouse

The AS-15BLU-LT System gives off a rich sound over various music media platforms with the use of a pure titanium 1" HF Compression Drivers and a wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports. This PA System features integrated MP3, USB, SD, and Bluetooth Capabilities to give you virtually limitless music options

Ultimate Control Over Your Music

The AS-15BLU-LT Portable PA System features 2 input channels with separate gain controls, mic and Line XLR, 1/4”, 1/8”, RCA Inputs, Mix Output, and High/Low Equalization Controls to give you essentially limitless control over your music

Stand Above The Rest

Designed to optimize speaker position to deliver the best audio quality possible. Each stand has a maximum capacity of 200 lbs. and a stainless-steel tripod design making it exceptionally portable and easy to set up. We’ve engineered the base of these stands to achieve a perfectly weighted balance to ensure each speaker is stable in any environment.

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