PMX-10: Redefining The DJ Mixing Experience


2-Channel Mixer DJ Controller

The PMX-10 is a 2-channel mixer designed to meet the needs of the most demanding scratch addicts, with a highly adjustable Innofader-ready crossfader, 8 RGB performance pads per side, and professional inputs and outputs (including booth output). The rugged all-metal chassis means this professional DJ mixer can take a beating for years to come. The real secret sauce of this mobile DJ mixer is the MIDI and audio interface functionality. Every control on the PMX-10 sends MIDI – not just the dedicated MIDI functions. This combined with the built-in 2-channel audio interface allows the PMX-10 to also work as a fully stand-alone MIDI controller. With the PMX-10, you’ll get a lot for not a lot.

2-Channel Combat-Ready Performer

PMX-10 is a digital mixer, MIDI controller, and a soundcard all-in-one. Featuring combo TRS/XLR mic input, microphone input with gain control, recording output, it offers multiple device connectivity for any DJ who needs flexibility.

Clean & Easy user experience

Offering tremendous strength and rigidity, the PMX-10 lets you get expressive with its intuitive one-knob action. Its instinctive layout lets DJs mix, beat, and scratch to their creative desire and is ideal for use by a beginner or even a studio expert professional.

16 RGB Performance Pads

The PMX-10 adds 8 responsive pads per side for well-timed triggering of hot cues and samples and no matter where you’re, the backlit pads give you precise visual feedback in any lightning condition.

Take Control Of Your Music

The dedicated MIDI controls lets you load a track or engage a loop right where you need them. It also has an easily replaceable and removable crossfader with adjustable curve control to assign any channel to either side of the crossfader.


●  Rugged all-metal chassis

●  16 multi-function RGB silicon pads (8 per side)

●  XLR/1/4” combo jack microphone input

●  ¼” microphone input with gain control and talkover

●  2 phono / line stereo channels

●  Dedicated MIDI controls for track selection, effects

●  All controls also send MIDI out, making the PMX-10 an amazing mixer controller as well

●  Full complement of professional I/Os, including balanced samples and unbalanced master output, effects send and return, booth output, recording output, and combo TRS/XLR mic input

●  Curve control on the crossfader

●  Easily replaceable and removable crossfader – Innofader ready


Be sure you've installed the driver for the PMX-10 before trying to connect it with any software. The driver is available for download from the 'Download' section of this page.

Gemini offers set-up files for many of the popular DJ applications and virtual DJ includes native support for the PMX series of mixers. 

Please make sure that the line / phono switch associated with the problem source is set correctly.

On the PMX-10, the switch is automatic. If you connect to PMX-10 as a MIDI device, it will still perform as a traditional mixer. However, if you connect to PMX-10 in the audio set up of your software, the PMX-10 will automatically then switch to audio interface mode and will no longer operate as a standard mixer.





ASIO Driver