UHF-6100 HL/M: Wireless Microphone System


All-Day Comfort and Freedom

The UHF-6100 is a lightweight, noise-free, rugged wireless microphone system. With a snug and comfortable fit, it is the ultimate wireless solution for fitness instructors, musicians, active performers, or anyone with low visibility for stage appearances. Its dynamic operating range allows you full freedom to move around in a 240 feet radius while having a continuous connection to the wireless base. This system comes with easy setup and operation along with the convenience of multiple frequencies to choose from. The UHF-6100 is the perfect hands-free accessory for the stage at a price that can’t be beat.

Flawless Signal Reception

Great sound and solid wireless reception over long ranges with no ambient noise.

No Wires. No Interference.

Complete wireless freedom with no attachment cables hanging around you.

Intuitive Display

An easy-to-read LCD information display for flawless operation.

Wearing Comfort

With its super lightweight construction, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.


●  Single channel receiver with multiple frequencies (600-900 MHz) to choose from

●  Ultra-fast microcomputer controlled PLL oscillation circuit and advanced compression circuit to avoid unwanted noise

●  Hassle-free automatic transmitter setup via SYNC button

●  High-quality LCD display

●  Full-range volume control rotary controls

●  240’ dynamic operating range

●  Individual balanced XLR outputs

●  Mixed ¼” output jack

●  Mic/Line output selector switch

●  Rugged belt pack transmitter with LCD screen

●  Lightweight headset/lavalier microphones for hands free operation


Wireless reception issues can be caused by several things. First, make sure you have clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver. You also want to make sure the antennas are connected securely.  Verify everything is powered on, and your batteries are in good health. If you’ve done all of this and still having problems, you could be having problems with interference. If possible, change the frequency of your Gemini transmitter and receiver. You may also want to try setting up in a slightly different location.

The UHF-6100 will benefit from more powerful batteries (like Alkaline or Lithium). We do not recommend a specific battery, but the newer technologies will give you more operating time.

If your reception seems solid but you’re getting noise, you might have a problem with your gains.  Starting at the microphone receiver, make sure the gain is set high but not clipping. Then adjust the input gain on your mixer. This should increase your signal to noise and give you a cleaner sound.

If your volume and gains are set correctly and you’re still not getting enough volume from your Gemini wireless microphone, you likely have it plugged into a Line input when it should be in a mic input.