AS-10BLU Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker


Play Everything, Hands-free

The world’s your stage with our AS-10BLU speaker powered with our high-performance systems that define Gemini. Our scientists have engineered a speaker system that delivers stadium quality performance in a backpack-sized package. Backed by Class AB amplifier and custom-built 10” woofer, the speaker is meticulously tuned for deep, rich sound with absolutely no distortion. You can play from USB drive, SD card, FM radio, and by connecting via Bluetooth – powering all your entertainment. With AS-10BLU, we’ve paid attention to the smallest of details and we guarantee you’ll hear crystal-clear linear sound reproduction.

Bold Sound For a Reliable Performance

10” woofer, 1,000 watts of peak power with a built-in Class AB amplifier – all combine to deliver a sound strong enough to fill up any venue.

Freedom To Play Wireless

Integrated media player to play songs from USB or SD card, Bluetooth compatibility, FM radio to switch to your favorite station. 

So Many Connectivity Options

The multiple connectivity options – ¼” mic/guitar, RCA stereo inputs, 3.5 mm input and RCA Aux output – makes the AS-10BLU speaker a perfect companion for your karaoke time.

Easy To Go

In a super reliable ABS impact-resistant nylon enclosure, the speaker has top and side handles to carry easily from one location to another.


●  Integrated MP3 player with connections for USB, SD, and Bluetooth

●  Built-in FM radio with internal antenna 1,000 watts peak Class AB built-in amplifier

●  Impedance: 4 Ω

●  10" low-frequency woofer with 1" voice coil

●  Piezo high-frequency compression driver

  Linear frequency response between 40 Hz - 19 KHz

●  Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports

●  ABS impact-resistant nylon fiber cabinet

●  Top and side handles for easy carrying

●  2 input channels with separate gain control

●  Mic and line XLR, 1/4", 1/8" and RCA inputs

●  High and low equalization controls

●  Clip LED alert

●  Flyable and stand mountable


Make sure that the power button is turned on and all the connections to the inputs are connected securely.

Try plugging in something else into the Mains outlet to verify that the speaker is receiving the power. If the outlet is receiving power, check to see if the fuse on the AS-10BLU speaker is blown and should be replaced if necessary.

The AS-10BLU speaker comes with a 2-band EQ that allows you to tailor your sound as per your preference.

The AS-10BLU speakers have an input jack (Labelled AUX) on the back of the I/O panel to allow you to connect your phone or tablet using the cable.

Yes. Connect the XLR cable to the mix out jack of the AS-10BLU speaker to the line input jack of the next AS-10BLU speaker.

Make sure that your SD card or USB are formatted as FAT32. Other format types (like HFS or exFAT) will not work with the AS-10BLU speaker.