The Gemini AS-12BLU-PK is an all-in-one active Bluetooth party speaker set. Everything you need to enhance the ambiance is included: 12” speaker, heavy-duty speaker stand, FM radio option, pro-grade microphone, and a remote control – a complete sound system package that gets any party or gathering started right out of the box. Its packaged speaker stand not only elevates your sound at adjustable heights from 43” – 74” tall for a superior listening experience.

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Make Your Own Sound

The complete set of controls including master volume, bass, treble, mic volume, etc., lets you mix and control the loudness and bass response you desire from the speaker.

Multimedia Powerhouse

The Gemini AS-12BLU, a 2-way active PA speaker with 1500W peak Class AB built-in power amplifier. It has a 12” woofer with 2” voice coil and a Piezo compression driver, There are two mic inputs, both line and XLR, ¼ in. and RCA along with an LED clip alert light. Each input features high and low EQ.

Ultimate Control Over Your Music

The AS-12BLU is additionally equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you stream music wirelessly into the system from your handheld audio device, be it a phone, computer or dedicated media player. This is especially handy for karaoke, playing recorded music between sets or playing recorded presentations for business meetings.

Strong and Sturdy

In terms of durability, this Gemini speaker stand is hard to beat. Fully adjustable height, durable rubber feet, and 38 mm tubing to hold speakers up to 200 lbs.


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