AS-15BLU-PK: 15" Bluetooth Speaker Set



An Integrated Party Pack

The Gemini AS-15BLU-PK is an all-in-one active Bluetooth speaker set. Everything you need to rock the party is included: 15” speaker, heavy-duty speaker stand, assorted playback options including FM radio, pro-grade microphone, and remote control – a complete sound system package that gets any party or gathering started right out of the box. Its packaged speaker stand not only elevates your sound at adjustable heights from 43” – 74” tall for a superior listening experience. 

Multimedia Powerhouse

Backed by Class AB amplifier and custom-built 15” woofer, the speaker is meticulously tuned for deep, rich, stereophonic sound with absolutely no distortion.

Ultimate Control Over Your Music

Play all the popular streaming devices – USB drive, SD card, FM radio, and by connecting via Bluetooth – for powering all your entertainment.

Mix Maestro

On the back panel of the AS-15BLU are XLR, Line, and RCA inputs with separate gain and EQ controls as well as a Mix Output. Connecting your gear and crafting the ideal sound within your environment is easy to do with precision.


designed to optimize speaker position to deliver the best audio quality possible. Each stand has a maximum capacity of 200 lbs. and a stainless-steel tripod design making it exceptionally portable and easy to set up. We’ve engineered the base of these stands to achieve a perfectly weighted balance to ensure each speaker is stable in any environment.

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