MDJ-500 Performance Pack


The Perfect DJ Starter Pack

This performance kit gets you into the DJ game instantly providing a pair of MDJ-500 professional compact USB media Players, a 2-channel mixer, and a set of DJ headphones with a wired microphone.  The MDJ-500’s 4.3” color display screen gives a waveform display and shows track information providing vital visual feedback. Its range of performance essentials make it a great fit for both beginners and professionals. 

Everything right out of the box

A complete performance package ready to go from the second you open the box.

Mixer Packed with functionality

With 3-band EQ on each channel, replaceable crossfader and curve controls, the MXR-01 mixer adds life to your music performances.

Full MIDI Support

The MDJ-500 comes with all MIDI support ensuring you can control any audio mixing software directly through the player.

V-Case Included

V-Case allows you to seamlessly connect your own music library, program hot cues and loops, and makes for a frictionless performance.



●  Full-featured USB media player with 4.3” color screen and onboard search and analysis

●  5” high-resolution touch platter, 4 hot cues per track

  Manual and BPM-based auto looping

●  100 mm pitch fader and adjustable pitch ranging from 4% - 100% to mix with surgical precision

●  Slip mode to use scratches or hot cues without ruining the mix

●  Multiple platter modes: Reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue

●  MIDI mode turns MDJ-500 into a complete controller with on-screen deck info* (*in Virtual DJ)

●  Professional mixer with 3-band EQ and gain on each channel

●  Two phono/line stereo channels

●  Multiple phono/line stereo channels allow up to 5 audio sources to be connected simultaneously


Please make sure that the line switch associated with the problem source is set correctly.

FAT, FAT32, HFS+, and NTFS.

No. The MDJ-500 does not support the use of USB hubs.

Here’s a list of the most common error codes:

ERR R 1001 Bad Update: Happens during a firmware update. Try the update again.

ERR E 1002 Disc Error: Happens when a damaged optical disk is inserted. Make sure the disc is clean and free from scratches.

ERR E 1004 Unsupported File Format: Happens when the inserted USB drive has an incompatible file system. (For example, exFAT).

ERR E 1005 Bad Disc: Happens when the inserted USB drive is corrupt.

Make sure that you have the latest firmware update, then open Settings and look for the continuous play options and set it to ‘Yes’.

Connecting hard drives is unsupported because they typically draw more power than the USB spec allows.