What is the ground lift switch for?
The ground lift switch exists to help eliminate ground loops and noise. If you connect your XGA series amplifier and hear a constant buzz in your audio engage the ground lift switch to eliminate the noise. 

What is Bridge Mode?
Bridge Mode allows you to send signal from a 2 channel amplifier to a single speaker for more power. When using Bridge Mode on the XGA series, only audio from Channel 2 will be sent to the speaker output.

If using banana plug connector, plug into the 2 center red terminals for Bridge Mode. If using Speakon cable, use the center bridge output.

Can I connect speakers to both the speakon and banana clip outputs?
Technically, yes, but it is very important that you make sure your impedance load (ohms) does not exceed the capabilities of the amplifier. 

How do I change the fuse on my XGA series amplifier?
The fuse is located adjacent to and directly underneath the main power jack. Be sure to replace it with a fuse with the same rating. 



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