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Before using V-CASE you must make sure software is set to create collection for your specific hardware unit. Under Settings>Devices under "Create Library for" dropdown menu choose "SDJ-4000"

User Manual Download

Virtual DJ Mapper Download & Install Instructions 

How do I record a set?
Insert a USB drive with adequate free space into USB port 2 and press the record button (located directly underneath USB port 2). The record button will light red indicating that the recording is in process. 

How do I connect a turntable?

Select one of the open channels on the SDJ and plug the turntables RCA output into that input. Depending on your turntable you may also need to change the position of the Input switch from line to phono.

How do I sort my USB tracks in the browser?
When in BROWSER mode, you can push the SETTINGS button to sort your tracks. Select your desired parameter from the SORT ORDER menu (BPM, KEY, GENRE, ETC)

What is SCRUB and how do I use it?
Your SDJ-4000 has a SCRUB strip just below the JOG WHEEL that allows you to move the playhead around your loaded track.

To utilize this function hold down SHIFT while gliding your finger along the SCRUB strip, you will see the playhead move around the track's waveform display. When the locater is where you'd like to move the playhead, release SHIFT and the playhead will snap to its new location. 

How do I adjust the beat grid for a track?
Using the track loaded in deck 1 as an example, press and hold a shift button and press the load 1 button. This will give Deck 1 focus, now your BPM and grid editing control will affect deck 1. If you would like to adjust the grid on Deck 2 press and hold shift and press the Load 2 button. This will focus Deck 2 for editing the Beat Grid or BPM.

How do I use the SDJ-4000 as a MIDI controller?

First, connect the SDJ-4000 to your computer using a USB cable. Next, run the program you want to control with the SDJ-4000. The SDJ-4000 will show up as an available MIDI device in your software. Select it and the follow the MIDI mapping instructions for your chosen software. You can get the pre-made configuration file from the Downloads section of the page. 

When track is paused the audio is skipping, what's going on?
Each deck on the SDJ-4000 can play in two different modes: VINYL mode ON or OFF. Use the VINYL button under each JOGWHEEL to switch between modes. When button is illuminated the deck, VINYL mode is ON, if it is not VINYL mode is OFF. Both modes will allow you to pitch bend (temporarily slow down or speed up the track) with the JOGWHEEL but there are a couple key differences.

With "VINYL" mode ON, the playback will pause when you touch the top of the platter, this is to emulate a vinyl record on a turntable. This also allows for "Scratching" via the JOGWHEELS. (Touching the top of the platter will do nothing when VINYL mode is OFF)

If VINYL mode is turned OFF, when the track is PAUSED you will hear the audio from the exact location of that deck's playhead repeatedly on loop, allowing you to easily find a downbeat for cueing by moving the JOGWHEEL forward or backward to move the playhead. (You will hear nothing when the deck is paused in VINYL mode.)

What is BPM MODE?
There are three different BPM modes specific to each deck that will alter the BPM info for whatever track is loaded. AUTOBPM is set in V-CASE or by the units onboard processor. ID3 mode takes the BPM value from the files ID3 tag. MANUAL mode allows the user to manually adjust the tracks BPM info using the BEAT GRID tools in the MAIN FX section.

How do I update firmware?

  • For latest firmware please download the Gemini SDJ=4000 Firmware Update from our downloads page.
  • Place SDJ firmware file (*.gci) to root directory of your portable USB flash drive.
  • Insert in USB1 port on the SDJ-4000. 
  • Press [SETTINGS] to enter Settings menu. Scroll to bottom of list and confirm current version.
  • Select "Update Device" from settings menu and turn encoder to select [Yes]
  • Display will read "Updating Device Firmware. Do not turn off the power"
  • SDJ-4000 will reboot
  • Press [SETTINGS] to enter Settings menu. Scroll to bottom of list and confirm new version is installed.



Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Gemini product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Gemini technical support team is available to help! Visit the link below to connect with our support team.


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