[PS3i] - FAQ

How do I select the channel in the headphones?

Underneath the cue volume knob is the cue selector switch. This gives you the ability to put channels 1, 2, and 3 into cue.

How do I turn the microphone on?

On the Ps3i, the microphone volume knob also has a switch inside of it. Turning the knob fully counter clockwise will turn the mic level down and switch the input off. Rotating the knob clockwise will turn the input on and increase the game.

When I use my PS3i, I hear a noise along with the music?

If you’ve a turntable connected, check to see if your turntable requires a ground connection to the mixer. There is a grounding post located next to the power switch on the back. If you’re not using a turntable and still getting the noise, try plugging all of your audio equipment into one power strip.


Further Technical Support

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