[MPA-2400] - FAQ

My remote control doesn’t work?
Make sure the battery in the remote is fully charged and inserted correctly. You may also need to point the remote directly at the MPA-2400 speaker system.

Where do I plug in the microphone or other external devices?
The inputs are located on the MPA-2400 control panel. Simply remove the plastic dust cover to gain access to the inputs.

How do I switch between controlling the bass or trouble EQ?
The large knob on the MPA-2400 control panel has multiple modes. By default, it controls volume. Each press on the knob will cycle it between volume, treble, and bass.

Is the MPA-2400 waterproof?
The MPA-2400 has an IPX4 rating which means it is splash-proof but not waterproof. It should not be subjected to long periods of rain and you should never submerge it in water.

Can I charge my mobile device with MPA-2400?
Yes. Simply insert the USB cable to the USB port on the control panel and connect the other end to your mobile device to charge.

Can I program a specific frequency as a radio preset?
No. The MPA-2400 scans automatically the FM band and selects the strongest stations to create the presets.

What kind of battery life does MPA-2400 get?

Battery life is highly variable and depends on many factors including volume, external lighting, etc. Under ideal conditions, the MPA-2400 is capable of playing up to 18 hours on a full charge.



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