[GPSS-650] FAQ

How do I connect to a second GPSS-650 speaker?
The GPSS-650 features Bluetooth with TWS to create a True Wireless Stereo pair. First power on speaker you plan to be the Master speaker and connect your Bluetooth media player: Press PAIR button once, Pair LED will flash. On your Bluetooth device select “GEMINI GPSS-650” from Bluetooth list. Pair LED will become solid once connection is successful. Power on second GPSS-650. Press LINK button on both speakers, Link LED will flash. Connection will happen automatically; you will hear voice confirmation and Link LED will be solid to show successful connection. You may now play Bluetooth audio in Stereo from your 2 GPSS-650 speakers.


Please note: TWS only works with Bluetooth audio. If you are using the channel inputs and would like to connect to another GPSS-650, you will need to connect an XLR cable from LINE OUT to CH1 or CH2 input on second speaker (switched to line.) Adjust Gain knobs and Master Volume of each speaker to set desired volume balance.

Can I play my mic or instrument through two linked speakers?
No, TWS linking will only work for Bluetooth audio. In order to send all audio from inputs to another speaker, you will need to connect an XLR cable from LINE OUT to CH1 or CH2 input on second speaker (switched to line.) Adjust Gain knobs and Master Volume of each speaker to set desired volume balance.

Does the GPSS-650 have Phantom Power?
No, there is no Phantom Power on the GPSS-650. Typically for Live Sound applications you will want to use dynamic mics which don’t require phatom power. However if you want to use a condenser microphone you can add a Phantom Power Supply between the mic and GPSS-650.

Will the GPSS-650 Link with other Gemini Speakers?
You cannot link to other Gemini speakers with TWS link but you can use the LINE OUT to connect to virtually any speaker with a line level input.

Can I play audio from USB stick? Can I connect USB microphone?
No, the USB port on the GPSS-650 is for device charging only. (5v /.5A)

Can I connect more than 2 GPSS-650 speakers together?
Theoretically you can connect an unlimited number of speakers by daisy chaining from LINE OUT into CH1 or CH2

Is 200 watts enough power?
The GPSS-650 is engineered with a highly efficient Class D 200 Watt amplifier. It really depends on the size of your room/venue how much power you will need. When comparing loudspeakers it is best to look at the max SPL, which for the GPSS-650 is 120 dB

What is the difference between ON, OFF & CHARGE on the power switch?The GPSS-650 battery will always charge while plugged in to power, whether speaker in turned to ON or OFF positions. If you aren’t using your speaker, flipping switch to CHARGE allows

Is there a recording output?
The XLR “Line Out” can be used to send audio to a recording device. Keep in mind, this is the entire mix summed to MONO post Master Volume knob.

Are there any audio FX on board?
Channels 1&2 are equipped with adjustable ECHO effect.

How do I hook up 2 x GPSS-650’s to an external mixer for a Stereo PA setup?
Connect your input sources to your audio mixer and connect your mixer’s master out puts accordingly. Connect Mixer’s Left Output to CH1 or CH2 of LEFT speaker, input switched to LINE. Connect Mixer’s Right Output to CH1 or CH2 of RIGHT speaker, input switched to LINE.

How do I adjust the GPSS-650’s angle when mounted on a speaker stand?
The GPSS-650 has an adjustable speaker stand mount with two positions: 0° & 7.5°. With speaker mounted on stand, pull the adjustment tab on bottom of unit in the direction of the arrow to unlock and tilt speaker change position angle. Angle will lock in place once adjustment tab is released.

Which version of Bluetooth is in the GPSS-650?
Bluetooth v 5.0

Is there any difference in the GPSS-650’s functions with unit plugged in to battery vs plugged in to wall?
You shouldn’t notice any difference in sound regardless if you are getting power from battery or wall outlet. When plugged in to wall, your speaker’s battery will charge, regardless which position the power switch is in, though you will get fastest result from the CHARGE position.

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