All the mixers in our GEM series (GEM-05USB, GEM-08USB & GEM-12USB) feature Phantom Power, also referred to as "+48v". Phantom Power provides direct current to microphones requiring power to drive active circuitry, such as condenser mics. With the "+48v Phantom" button switched on the mixer will send 48v to your microphones via the XLR input jacks and XLR cable.

Keep in mind that with Phantom Power on, 48v are sent to any microphone connected to the mixer via XLR. Most dynamic microphones should not have any issues when plugged sent 48v Phantom Power, though some specialty mics (particularly ribbon mics) can be damaged by the direct current. Be sure to check with your microphone's manufacturer to ensure that your mic can safely receive phantom power before activating the +48v button.

Please make sure the channel volume is down when connecting or disconnecting XLR cables when Phantom Power mode is on or you'll hear a loud pop.



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