How do I access my recorded files?
On the DRP-1 itself, you can press the Stop button twice to access the directory. You should find your recordings here. You can also remove your media device from the DRP-1 and insert it into any computer and access your files that way.

What file systems does the DRP-1 support?
Your USB or SD cards must be formatted in either FAT or FAT32. Other file systems (for instance, exFAT or HFS+) are not supported.

My recordings all sound slightly distorted. What can I do?
Try switching the position of the input gain switch to lower the input level. You can also try using the automatic gain control feature which can be accessed while the unit is in record mode. Press and hold the Stop button until you see the letters AGC appear on screen. This will automatically control your input gain, you can toggle AGC Off by pressing and holding the Stop button while in record mode. 

How do I play all of my recordings stored on the DRP-1?
While in play mode, if you press and hold the play button you will be given the option to play one or play all. Select the play mode you want and press play.

How long of a file can I record on the DRP-1?
There are several record modes available and this will vary depending on which mode you select. As a general rule, at the highest setting (44.1 kHz WAV) you will get roughly 3.5 hours of recording time. This is to the 2GB file size limit in the FAT file system. 



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