[CDMP-7000] Virtual DJ Setup Guide

Before starting, please ensure you have the following:

 Audio Configuration (PC)

  1. Prior to opening Virtual DJ, install the included Gemini ASIO drivers by running the setup executable.
    2. After installing the Gemini ASIO drivers, plug-in your device and switch both sides to MIDI mode.
    3. Start Virtual DJ and enter the CONFIGURATION menu by clicking the “config” tab at the top (pictured below)
  1. The “SOUND SETUP” tab is where you can choose your desired audio settings. (pictured below)
  1. Launch Virtual DJ.
  2. Connect included power adapter and USB cable (not included) to the unit.
  3. Plug the CDMP-7000 into a proper power connection.
  4. Plug the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer.
  5. Power on CDMP-7000.
  6. By default, the CDMP-7000 should be in CD mode upon powering on.
  7. You will need to activate one side at a time with Virtual DJ open.
  8. Press the MIDI button on the LEFT DECK and wait for the following notification shown below.
  9. Virtual DJ will detect one unit.  When the first notification pops up, you are now OK to activate the RIGHT DECK.
  10. Press the MIDI button on the RIGHT DECK to activate it and wait for a second notification.
  11. Click the gear on the top right and click AUDIO. 
  12. Open the GEMINI ASIO settings dialog box by clicking one of the ASIO icons deck 1 or 2. Mirror the screenshot below.
  13. Verify Virtual DJ is reading both decks as separate controllers and each deck is assigned properly. Mirror the screenshots below.
  14. Make sure your CDMP-7000’s physical mixer channel toggles are set to the following:
  • Channel 2 set to 1 or LEFT DECK
  • Channel 3 set to 2 or RIGHT DECK

You will be using the CDMP-7000's channels 2 and 3 for external output and control.


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