Professional 64 Channel UHF PLL Dual Wireless System with Headset/Lav Mic
The Gemini UF series Wireless System are fully switchable UHF receivers with 64 bands of UHF signals with separate transmitter varieties.
Made with advanced technology & a variety of easy to use features, these are vocal interfaces are suitable from professional singers to musicians.
The UF-2064HL comes with a combo headset/lavalier microphone (UF-2064M is the handheld mic version).

Professional 64 Channel UHF PLL Dual Wireless System with Headset/Lav Mic

  • The UF-2064HL comes with the HSL-20 electret condenser headset/lavalier combo microphone (UF-2064M is the handheld mic version)
  • Dual diversity receiver, that comes with pairs of transmittersavailable in mixed varieties
  • Phase locked loop (PLL) circuitry
  • Super high sensitivity with extremely low noise transmission & reception
  • Stable & quality SMT assembled PCB module
  • Power & RF LEDs for precise signal monitoring
  • Convenient squelch control
  • FB-64 belt pack transmitters have mic/line switches for instruments etc.
  • FM-64 & FB-64 have a rechargeable input for battery recharging
  • Combine any 2 UF series receivers for a 1U rack space, hardware included
Frequency Chart
CH1 682.375MHz 690.125MHz 682.625MHz 690.250MHz 682.875MHz 690.375MHz 683.125MHz 690.625MHz
CH2 683.250MHz 690.750MHz 683.375MHz 690.875MHz 683.500MHz 691.250MHz 683.750MHz 691.375MHz
CH3 683.875MHz 691.500MHz 684.125MHz 691.750MHz 684.375MHz 691.875MHz 684.625MHz 692.250MHz
CH4 684.875MHz 692.500MHz 685.125MHz 692.750MHz 685.250MHz 693.125MHz 685.500MHz 693.250MHz
CH5 685.750MHz 693.625MHz 685.875MHz 693.875MHz 686.125MHz 694.250MHz 686.375MHz 694.500MHz
CH6 686.625MHz 694.750MHz 686.750MHz 694.875MHz 687.125MHz 695.125MHz 687.375MHz 695.250MHz
CH7 687.500MHz 695.625MHz 687.750MHz 696.250MHz 688.375MHz 696.500MHz 688.500MHz 696.625MHz
CH8 688.750MHz 697.125MHz 688.875MHz 697.375MHz 689.375MHz 697.625MHz 689.750MHz 697.875MHz

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