MDJ-600 – Professional USB and CD Media Player

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Trying to find your gateway into modern DJing? Look no further than the MDJ-600 Professional Media Controller. It may be small, but this mighty unit has plenty of capabilities without the need for external software with its USB, MIDI and CD compatibilities.

MDJ-600 – Tiny, Yet Fierce

A large 4.3-inch vivid full-color screen is the brilliant focal point of this unit, providing real-time visual feedback of your tracks. Full track information including Title, Time, BPM, and Pitch are clearly displayed alongside the precise full-size waveform window. You’ll appreciate the additional visual feedback for Slip Mode, Hot Cues and active Auto/Manual Loops meaning you can confidently use scratches or hot cues without ruining your mix. The 100mm pitch fader ranges pitch from 4% to 100%; you’ll mix with surgical precision.

Fast Learning, Faster Results

The MDJ-600’s intuitive interface will have you spending less time learning and free up precious time for you to experiment with the 4 Hot Cues, Auto Loops and 5″ touch-sensitive jog wheel with LCD display and resistance control to Slip and Scratch. Bonus MIDI capabilities mean you can even control the parameters of your favorite DJ software directly from the unit, routing your audio through its 24-bit/192kHz soundcard. Of course, the MDJ-600 is fully compatible with our V-Case Library Management Software, which offers users a faster, easier way to manage their music libraries.

MDJ-600 Features

  • Full-featured CD and USB media player with 4.3″” color screen, moving waveform, and onboard search and analysis
  • 5″ high resolution touch platter is perfect for even the most demanding performance
  • Manual and BPM-based auto looping makes it easy to create builds or extend breaks
  • 4 hot cues per track let you jump to that sample or drop with ease
  • The 100mm pitch fader and adjustable pitch ranges from 4% to 100% let you mix with surgical precision
  • Slip Mode means you can use scratches or hot cues without ruining your mix
  • Multiple platter modes available, including reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue
  • MIDI Mode turns your MDJ-600 into the ultimate platter controller – complete with on-screen deck info* (*in Virtual DJ)
Firmware Update

Please download the Gemini Updater software for your operating system.

To update: connect your MDJ to your computer via USB, enter MIDI mode and open this software to check for updates.

PC: Download Here
MAC: Download Here

Release Notes


Fixed bugs:

  • Added feature to double or halve the BPM value of the current track
  • Added Platter Nudge sensitivity setting
  • Added setting to control auto track analysis
  • Added Continuous Play setting
  • Added setting to swap SYNC and MASTER between shifted and primary functionality
  • Added setting to control Slip mode behavior
  • Added setting to show or hide track info panel in the Browser
  • Added shifted function for platter to quickly scroll through a track
  • Added compatibility for new version of V-Case
  • Improved button debounce performance
  • Improved waveform rendering and sync with audio playback
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


Fixed bugs:

  • Added feature for MDJ-600 to automatically close the CD tray if left open for 60 seconds.
  • Added ability to adjust the beat offset of synced songs without altering the tempo (to fix phrasing issues). Now you can nudge the platter to align beats without changing the pitch.
  • Added the capability of using SHIFT+JOG PLATTER to search through songs quickly. Playback resumes when user releases the SHIFT button.
  • Fixed bug in song counter – no longer counts folders as songs.
  • Improved button performance to help eliminate double triggers.


Fixed bugs:

  • Added option in settings for continuous play
  • Added more on-screen information when in MIDI mode
  • Added option to turn automatic BPM analysis on or off in settings
  • Added FILE NAME to text mode options
  • Fixed autoloop sizes smaller than ½ beat
  • Optimized the waveform display
  • Optimized hotcue performance
  • Fixed several BPM display issues
  • Reduced lag when scrolling through large libraries
  • Various small fixes and performance adjustments


Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed slow buffering issue when using SEARCH buttons

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